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Where did 2021 go?  How did you do with your goals? 

What?  No?  Sorry—

Yes, I know.  We thought 2021 would be so different from 2020, and to be fair, it got better, then a bit dodgy, then better, then, well –   That roller coaster has been more than enough to drive us to comfort foods and stress relievers, and that’s how we stay on the Diet Yo-Yo. 

What will you do for 2022?  Any New Year’s Resolutions?  Or goals?

My last weight loss journey began New Year’s Day, 2012.  Not that I did well at first, but I kept at it.  I have clients who are at the stage where they are beginning to see the shift.  Maybe they didn’t do it perfectly over the holiday, but they did better.  And they didn’t feel they’d really missed anything.  

That’s the part that surprises them – it’s so different to their previous experience.  It’s also the part that will make for lasting change.  You learn that you change your usual food choices and quantities, but you don’t really miss them.  How is that possible?  And yet, it is.

Incremental progress is good.  We think we have to be perfect at our changes, and when we’re not, we tend to give up and ignore what progress we’d made.  Progress is the key. 

How do we make that progress?

It starts with a desire to make a change and commitment to that change.  So, are you ready? 

Please don’t depend on willpower.  That doesn’t last.  See the many New Year’s Resolutions that are broken so soon. 

Start with a plan and create the safeguards and support you need to make that plan work. 

So, what do you need?

I’ve created a special New Year’s package to help you get on the right path.  You and I will do a zoom session to talk through your strategy for 2022 as well as  how to make it work.


*Triggers and Solutions online course, that will give you tools to recognize and overcome those triggers that drive you to food for emotional relief

*Summit recordings where we talked with leaders in various methods of weight loss – a bariatric surgeon, a hypnotist, a dedicated carnivore, a chef, and a coach.  You’ll learn how to make those methods work for you.

*A Kindle version of my book, What’s Really Eating You?

Imagine not having to worry in January about how you will lose those extra pounds you gained since November.  

Imagine having an easy-to-follow game plan that puts you back in control of your weight.

Wouldn’t that make starting 2022 a lot easier?

Check out the details at

Let’s make it a great start.

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