Emotional Eating: Emotional Kryptonite

Alongside nutritional goals and creating support for them, we may also need emotional rules. It’s essential to find the emotional component of comfort or stress eating, and that often begins with identifying how we actually perpetuate our “stuff.”
Two “Stuff Perpetuating” Habits
Creep: We know carb creep, but what about what we say to or about ourselves? We often say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t say to an enemy. How does that help us? Beating yourself up hasn’t yet worked long-term, has it? The beating up only activates the need for comfort, so clean up the creep. Be kind to your heart. Recognize where you stumble, work to make different choices next time, and let it go.
Conversations: Consider the stories you tell. What’s the purpose of them? If they shift your focus to what you’ve done wrong or what you think is wrong with you, consider losing those stories. Life stories that help you connect or illustrate learning and growth are useful, but avoid retelling stories that only really commiserate or leave you feeling bad. It helped me tremendously when I decided to only tell stories from my past to benefit someone else. It stopped reinforcing the negative and focused on growth – either mine or theirs. When we feel better, we don’t need so much comfort.
What ways do you perpetuate rather than face your stuff? 

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2 thoughts on “Emotional Eating: Emotional Kryptonite”

  1. Linda Elizabeth Clark

    I just can’t stop eating, I have chronic pain and food thinking about it, buying it, eating it, is consuming me. I just hate that I am getting so fat but not enough to stop thanks for your videos, Linda

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