Your Body: I Have Dairy Envy

Dairy is a wonderfully pleasurable food group – all that yummy goodness, and I love the creamy texture.  However, although I can have dairy, if I have too much, my body responds by packing on pounds.  I may envy another’s ability to consume more dairy than I can, but overindulging doesn’t help me get where I want to be.

Whatever your choice, your nutrition plan is training in what works for your body.  Use what works, avoid what doesn’t.

That’s the real answer to weight release or maintenance:  Choose what works for YOU and find the tweaks will make it sustainable for you.    

Think it through

What plan and which foods have helped you release some weight or reach your goal? 

What foods keep you happily on track? 

What stops your progress or triggers emotional eating?

If you can maintain your weight loss, is it worth forgoing whatever food you’re thinking about right now or managing the servings?  Or can you find a version that doesn’t torpedo your progress?  Alternatively, can you work it into your plan and balance it elsewhere?

Where might you need to recognize what does NOT work for you and possibly extract it?  I know.  That feels a bit unfair, but it’s not about fair.  It’s just part of your chemistry.  No different to your height or shoe size, and you have to find what fits you.

Find what works for YOUR BODY, what satisfies you physically and emotionally.  Specifics that meet your needs make it sustainable.  

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