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We know what to do.  We even know how to do it.  Overcoming our emotional need for certain foods?  That’s the hard part.

Join me on a journey to learn how to overcome the emotion and stress that drive you to food for comfort.  Click the button, and I will send you my Quick Guide to Overcoming Emotional Eating.

It’s Not the Diet Plan or Spending Hours in they Gym That Helps You Lose Weight AND Keep it Off


Haven’t you had enough of trying to lose weight through diets that just don’t work over the long term. 

In the end most diets work….for a while. It’s not about the food, exercise, or some magic potion.  When you want to lose that weight and keep it off, the key is overcoming emotional and stress eating.  


Do we need this one?

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Welcome to Pack Your Own Bag

I am so happy you stopped by. 

My practice is dedicated to helping you lose weight and keep it off through discovering and managing those things that get you off course.   We can unpack all the emotional stuff that drives us to food for comfort or keeps us stuck, so we can move forward as our best selves ready for the journey we’ve always wanted but never truly believed we could live.

Our “baggage” is often packed for us along the way, and we unwittingly drag it with us for decades.  The good news is, we can unpack the stuff we no longer need or want and repack for the journey we want to be on rather than the one chosen for us or the one we stumble into.

My mission is to help everyone heal their hearts and overcome emotional eating.  When we face our stuff, we no longer need to stuff our faces.

I sincerely hope that you will find the support you need to reach your goals.  Everything on this site is dedicated to helping you.  For more information or to contact me, please go to my Contact page.

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