The Road to Goals

What do you believe about your healthy body and lifestyle?  Is it possible for you to reach and maintain a healthy body, heart, and mind? After so many years on my Diet Yo-Yo, I knew I could eventually lose a certain amount of weight.  I could maybe lose down to my goal if I had … Read more

Trimaversary: Seven Years and Counting

The true wish of many who have struggled with their weight: Eat whatever, whenever, and maintain my desired weight. Would be lovely, wouldn’t it? In 2012, after 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo, I finally did it. I lost those last pounds AGAIN, reaching my goal on 8 October. This time, however, I have maintained … Read more

Baggage: Unpack

The most common response to the question about what baggage we’d like to be free from is related to our value – negativity about self, doubt, guilt, or fear of not being enough – hitting the core of how we see ourselves.  Too often, we are not particularly kind to ourselves, which drives us to … Read more

Baggage Part Two

If there was one piece of your “Baggage” you could be free from, what would it be? To identify it, consider:  What trips you over and over again?  What drives you to food for soothing?   We often have several pieces that we’d be better off without, but for now, if one element of your … Read more

Know the Feeling?

Why do we doubt ourselves so much? With my one-to-one clients, one of the themes we explore is emotional “baggage.”  No matter the origin of that baggage, whether it’s connected to self-worth, weight issues, trauma or other difficult experiences, or poor family relationships, the wounds play out in our hearts and sap our confidence. And … Read more

What’s your story?

We share stories to connect, to share information, to illustrate a point, and perhaps to get some help with our struggles.  They also tell others what we believe about ourselves. What are the main stories you tell?    Jot down a couple of details about the ones you most often share. Some are great stories of … Read more

Vision Helping or Hindering

Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  What is your vision for your health journey?  Genuinely, what do you envision, expect, believe?  Write it down.  For those 40 years I was sleeping at the end of the string of the Diet Yo-Yo, I wanted to be … Read more

Hello, Best

So, I’ve been known to beat myself up when I make mistakes or poor choices.  I’m not alone, am I?  The impulse to have a go at ourselves may have come from our childhoods, school experiences, or some tough relationship experiences, and we tend to hold onto the pattern – and maybe the stick of … Read more

Focus on Progress

It’s “Back to School” again.  I spotted the students waiting at the bus stop early Tuesday morning while walking my dog.  I’m sure some of them find it hard to get back into the routine of getting up early, sitting in class all day, and doing homework and extra-curricular activities in the evening.  It’s required … Read more

Food as Reward or Comfort

“I deserve this.  It’s my reward for _________.” Ever said that?  I have.  And it is often the lie of self-sabotage. Our culture supports it, and it’s still a bit like our collective gremlin that pops out when we can’t get what we want or believe we’re being minimized or in some other way demands … Read more

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