See video version here: I’ve been out pulling weeds.  Had I started this in March, it might have been easier, but now Bermuda grass has invaded the area that I chose to turn into a rose and perennial garden a decade ago.  Interesting, the grass from my neighbor’s yard is St. Augustine, and there is … Read more

Favorite Tools That WORK

See the video version We’ve been talking about tools, and here are some of the practical tools I recommend: Step Tracker:  You can get a famous brand or a basic tracker.  It’s a tool, not a fashion statement.  The value in recording your steps is in having a clarifying record.  I was quite surprised by … Read more

Best List Tools

To See the Video version How did you get on with the two lists:  What helps you live as your best self?  What stops you from living as your best self? Look back at your lists.  Obviously, if it helps you live as your best, we want to keep doing that, find ways to enhance … Read more

Best Tools

See video version: We’ve been talking about the tools we have at hand and considering why, perhaps, we “forget” to use them, getting clear on our goals, and believing in ourselves again.We can’t really walk away from this thought without addressing an obvious element: Fear As much as we believe we want to reach a … Read more

Tools and Promises

See Video version We’ve been talking about the tools we have at hand and considering why, perhaps, we “forget” to use them.  When we get really clear and really honest about our goals, then we can also get clear about whether or not we want to do the work to reach them.  What does it … Read more

Forgetful Tools

See the video version Last week, we were talking about getting a bit caught out when we realize we’re not using the tools we already have at hand.  Did you rediscover a tool or two?  Was it a pleasant discovery?  Or did you quietly put it back and try to avoid thinking about it?  Oh, … Read more

Tools at Hand

See video here. Like many of you, I’ve had a few cravings of late.  No bonus points for guessing why, right?  So what do I do?  I’m paying attention to my heart – what is it that I truly need — rather than stuffing down the feeling and following it with that food chaser.  Feel … Read more

Six-Week Accountability: Learning to be Free

Video Version Here I’ve been there.  You KNOW what to do – it’s just doing it, right?  And in this time of social distancing, it can be a lot harder to manage our nutrition.  It’s a perfect storm of things that drive us to food:  Stress with work – or without work, family issues, trying … Read more

Emotional Eating Amidst Social Distancing

See the video version Yes, we’re in a weird spot, and eating for emotional reasons is way too easy a solution for “getting through” this time of social distancing—even if it doesn’t really work. Odd, isn’t it?  We didn’t even use that term at the beginning of March, and now we hear it hourly. You … Read more

March 18, 2020

See the Video Version Interesting:  On March 18, 1995, I woke up at 3 a.m. with a virus.  Yippee.  I had an important event that afternoon.  NO ONE else could do my part, so I had to get it together and start hydrating.   Mind, that was before we thought about coughing into our elbows or … Read more

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