Your Baggage: What weighs on you?

See the video If you clean out your suitcase at the end of every trip, you’re way ahead of me.  I take out the main stuff, but then there are bits of paper and “gimmes” that never seem to escape.  If it doesn’t come out after its first trip, it may be there forever.  There’s … Read more

Find What Works for YOUR Body

Watch Video (03:04) After 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo,  I tried all the diets with varying degrees of success in the short term but none for maintaining any loss.  It was so frustrating.   I’d do the hard work to lose at least some of the pounds or perhaps even reach goal, and then it’s … Read more

So Now What?

to see the video: Here is what has been effective for me and my clients to get free of emotional eating, and it boils down to three Bs:  Your Body, Your Baggage, and Your Best. Your Body:  Every Body is different.  All diets work for someone, and a particular diet may work for your … Read more

Resolutions: Exercise

Watch Video (03:04) In short:  Do some.  Even a little is helpful.  Okay, true, not as helpful as regular full-body workouts, but doing something more days of the week than not is more beneficial than staring at exercise equipment hidden by the ironing or rerouting to avoid driving by that gym you’re paying for but … Read more

Resolutions: Sustainable and Practical Nutrition

Watch Video (02:52) Do you know what works for you?  I thought I did. At 5’3” with a medium frame, most weight-loss calculators told me to drop to 1200 calories and get some exercise. To lose my weight, I stuck to 1200 low-fat calories.  If I increased to 1300-1400 even one day, I wouldn’t lose … Read more

Resolutions: Accountability

I am terrible at fulfilling inner expectations.  If I said I would do something with or for you, I’d do it if it killed me, but something for myself?  Pfft.  Maybe in spurts, but I could not maintain inner expectations long-term. To break my Diet Yo-Yo and keep that resolution, I had to work on … Read more

Resolutions: Heal Your Heart

How are those resolutions going?  Still at it?  Well done.  Keep doing what you’re doing. Abandoned already?  Okay, it happens.  Shall we start again?  They never say you only get one shot at keeping a resolution.  In my book, What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating, I have a full chapter devoted … Read more

Cultivate You

Resolutions can be great, but resolving the issues driving those behaviors we resolve to change will improve our success. So what do you want?  What parts of yourself do you want to cultivate in the year ahead to cultivate your truest self? The Old Part of that is letting go of the old – all … Read more

Cultivate Love

“And the Soul Felt Its Worth” It’s a line from my favourite Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  A number of years ago, someone pointed out this line that I’d sung for years but hadn’t registered — and every day in my counseling and coaching practice, I see the epidemic of the low value we place … Read more

Cultivate Joy

Catching the spirit? December is so full of joy and laughter and celebrating.  With the twinkling lights and parties and well-wishes and displays, it’s a festive atmosphere, and that’s really lovely.   With such focus on family and holiday traditions, it can also be tough for those missing someone they love or longing for something.  Add … Read more

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