Best Way to Overcome Emotional Eating

See video version here Emotional Eating is eating food for any reason other than hunger, choosing to eat to relieve some kind of pressure. We stuff down our feelings and follow them with a food chaser. Like any physical threat, the best way to overcome emotional eating is prevention, and the best prevention is practicing … Read more

Perhaps You’ve Heard (or Said) This —

Click here for video version Perhaps you’ve heard – or said – this:  When I get my head around this diet thing, THEN I can follow the plan.  What do we mean? WHEN life is calmer, and I can focus WHEN I get through (Insert event/holiday/project) WHEN I have time to cook/eat at home WHEN … Read more

The Primary Variable? Yeah, That’s Me

See Video Version Here Pick your diet.  They ALL work when you follow them. DANG! Well, that blows all my excuses out of the water, how about you?  Think of it, when have you followed a plan to the letter, and NOTHING happened?   It may happen after you’ve been on a plan for a while, … Read more

Frustrated Much?

See Video Version When you haven’t succeeded at your weight loss goals, it can be hard to believe the next thing will work long-term.  All the dieting, the workouts, the special supplements that promised the weight would “fall right off you” but didn’t — it builds a mental resistance. Maybe you’ve had thoughts like this: “Sure, … Read more

The Guilt-Shame-Beat-Yourself-Up Tango FAILS

See Video Version Emotional Eating is a behavior riddled with guilt and shame.  We know what we want to do, even what we intend to do.  Then something happens, and we find ourselves staring into the refrigerator—cue the guilt, shame, and beating-ourselves-up cycle. I get why we feel guilty.  We have/haven’t done something we said … Read more

Will It Work For ME?

Video Version We want guaranteed success. Mostly because we’ve tried so many things with varying degrees of success — and not just with the category of diet, health, and fitness, right?  We want what we buy to work as we expect.  With our weight loss efforts, perhaps we’ve been burned in the past with poor … Read more

Food As A Security Blanket Leaves Me Cold

see video version How does food become a security blanket?  It does, doesn’t it? Peanut butter is a signal food for me.  When I too often circle back to the kitchen to get a spoonful of peanut butter, I know I’m feeling more stressed or upset than I want to admit. It was a staple … Read more

Emotional Eating: COVID Edition

Video Version Emotional eating – boy, that virus has not helped, has it?  Kicks up all the stuff we struggle with. And it’s so frustrating knowing what you want to do, knowing the result you want — and then something happens, and suddenly you just cannot stop yourself.  That food – whatever it is for … Read more

Cheat Day — Yea or Nay?

Video Version Here Renée Jones here with Pack Your Own Bag Cheat Day!   Yea or Nay? Do you incorporate a cheat day in your plan? Some find it helpful, but we know that what works for one doesn’t always work for others, and you have to find what works for you.  Cheat Day Considerations If … Read more

Scariest Place

To See the Video Okay, I don’t want to scare you too much, but I’m currently in one of the most unnerving and frightening places known to woman.  It can seriously strike fear into our hearts. Ready? Deep breath now — It’s THE SCALE Collective scream, anyone? Big sigh.  What is up with all of … Read more

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