It’s Still NOT the Diet

See Video Version Whether you’re still working toward your goal or have reached it and are ready to transition to maintenance, the challenge for most …


Lifelong Change: It’s NOT About Diet and Exercise

See Video Version I have a love-hate relationship with accountability.  How about you? Yet it’s often the only way I can get myself to do …


What’s in the Driver’s Seat?

see video version Did you identify what drives you to food for comfort or stress relief? The most common is also the most painful:  A …


It’s NOT the Diet

See Video Version A healthy, confident life encompasses our bodies, minds, and souls – and all need care; they need exercise; and they need challenges …


I Want A Healthy, Confident Life

video version I did a poll to find out what women want from weight loss.  It was surprising.  Fewer than expected wanted to fit into …

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