December: Season of Hope

See Video Version Many traditions have a holiday in December.  The fascinating thing is that they all carry the message of HOPE. Buddhism Bodhi Day …


Navigating the Holiday Table: 7 Strategies

See video version Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, and it can be a nutritional minefield.  So much food, so many things we …


Pre-Turkey Week Planning

See video version The U. S. version of a Harvest celebration is known as Thanksgiving, and it’s the fourth Thursday of November – next week. …


Emotional Eating: Trapping

See video Version Think through that last experience when you ate for emotional reasons – not feasting for joy, but things like stress, sadness, grief, …


Lose Weight Faster — WITHOUT Starving

See Video Version Anyone can shed weight faster without starving. What? You do not have to starve yourself to shed weight.  In fact, if you …

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