Summer of Serious Change: Persistence

Video Remember seeing students on the first day back in school?  Growth spurts were always obvious.  Some came out of their shells or found a ...

Magic of Weight Loss Step 4: I Just WANT It

Video We’ve all been there.  We were moving along at a good clip with our food choices, losing extra weight steadily, and then – we ...

Magic of Weight Loss Step Three: Foodie Still Needs Soothing

Video Yes, of course, we still need to find ways to soothe ourselves.  Absolutely!  We get stressed, upset, mad, sad, hurt, frustrated, and a host ...

Magic Weight Loss Step Two: Mental and Emotional Wellness

video Once we can get our minds and hearts around believing it’s possible to do something different, to lose the weight and keep it off, ...

Magic of Weight Loss — Do Not be Fooled

Video I saw an article last week that said all that blue light and screen time may not be as bad as we thought.  Their ...

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