Yep, It’s A Rock

see video version Yes, just a rock I picked up somewhere.  I often give it to clients I see in person, and I ask online clients to bring one they like to our session.  The assignment is to carry it with them everywhere they go and in everything they do for the next week. Initially, … Read more

Hit It Hard as a Strategy

video version “Hit it hard” is the mantra in January and particularly in the first two weeks as so many depend on willpower to set a new habit or break an old one.  The theory is that if you go all in from the beginning, willpower will maintain momentum — assuming no external prevention or … Read more

Make Resolutions or Resolve the Issue

Video Version How many of your past resolutions have been about your weight or fitness? How many did you keep? I had 40 years of resolutions to “lose weight.”  Since I spent every one of those years on the Diet Yo-Yo, obviously, they didn’t stick.  I’d start and re-start and abandon it and start again.  … Read more

Track or Feast: Eat Consciously rather than Emotionally

see video version Are you ready for Christmas?  It’s the EVE tomorrow and the DAY the next, and of course all the holidays are a little different this year.  The ongoing disappointments can set off all kinds of emotions, which may drive us to eat for comfort or stress relief.  I get it.  We need … Read more

Friend or Frenemy?

 see video version here  Like many of you, I’ve said:    Food is my friend. Or Maybe: “But but but, food IS the holiday.  It’s my comfort, support and entertainment.  It’s the only way to survive – when Mom says _____________, I’m toast, and I NEED it.” How do we recover if we fall prey … Read more

Unpack Those Bags First We all have emotional baggage – or there would be no triggers, right?  If we don’t recognize that baggage and its triggers, they continue to run the show even if we are not happy about it. Know the feeling? That particular emotional baggage that means you spend time apologizing, or regretting something you said or did, or … Read more

Magic Bullets

Video Version Ever fallen prey to a Weight Loss Magic Bullet?    A Magic Bullet is some pill that curbs your hunger, something you drink before you go to bed, a workout promise or piece of equipment, and often a diet – cabbage soup, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar come to mind.  Whatever form, this makes it … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

see video version This is Thanksgiving week in the United States, a time when we normally gather as families to celebrate and be thankful. I’ve missed out on a proper family Thanksgiving celebration very few times in my life – the four years I lived in Wales and once when Michael and I had both fallen … Read more

“Well, When You Put It Like That — “

See video version here “Well, when you put it like that –” is the most common response I get from clients during a session.  We talk about what drives them to eat for emotional reasons, and I reflect what they’ve said or use the same words with different emphasis, or I simply ask a question … Read more

It’s a Challenge

see video version I love October, and I’m ready for autumn to actually get here and stay here.  Texas is always a mish-mash of weather.  ALWAYS.  Well, apart from the summer when it goes from hot to hotter and stays there (not my favorite).  Autumn holds the promise of cooler days, and I so want … Read more

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