Deep Dive into Creating Mindset

see video version Creating our first mindset comes naturally.  It begins early, and we absorb so much from parental figures before we have the ability …


Mindset Over Method

See Video Version “It’s the mindset.” That’s what each coach said during our webinar last Thursday.  Whatever the methods, success came from holding to a …


Curious About Methods?

See Video Version On Thursday, July 8, I’m bringing you  a One-Day Talk Show event.  I’ll talk with five experts in helping others lose the …


SO — The newest diet solution IS — da da da —-

See Video Version Did you just groan?  So many options, so many promises – particularly with a “Quick Fix” option.  You know the ads and …


When You Know What Works – HOW Do You Work It?

see video version Following the plan that works best for your body will take care of cravings, excess hunger, calorie counts, and other details. How …

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