Essentials: HOPE

See Video Version December is Holiday Central, the month when many spiritual traditions celebrate as the days reach their shortest point and lengthen again to …


When Pie Is Not Just Pie

See Video Version Sometimes Pie Is Not Just Pie In the States, it’s Thanksgiving on Thursday, and there will be plentiful food.  What’s your plan?  …


Part 2 Your Comfort Zone is SURROUNDED

See Video Version Ready? I know – -breaking out of that comfort zone is hard.  There are two ways to do it: THE BLAST — Blast …


Your Comfort Zone is SURROUNDED!

See Video Version Comfort Zones are so lovely and – well, comfortable.    They’re wonderful for feeling safe and in control, but we don’t do much …


SO Outside My Comfort Zone

See Video Version So I did a thing this weekend.  There was a moment before I signed up that I paused – do I really …

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