Magic Bullets

Video Version Ever fallen prey to a Weight Loss Magic Bullet?    A Magic Bullet is some pill that curbs your hunger, something you drink before you go to bed, a workout promise or piece of equipment, and often a diet – cabbage soup, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar come to mind.  Whatever form, this makes it … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

see video version This is Thanksgiving week in the United States, a time when we normally gather as families to celebrate and be thankful. I’ve missed out on a proper family Thanksgiving celebration very few times in my life – the four years I lived in Wales and once when Michael and I had both fallen … Read more

“Well, When You Put It Like That — “

See video version here “Well, when you put it like that –” is the most common response I get from clients during a session.  We talk about what drives them to eat for emotional reasons, and I reflect what they’ve said or use the same words with different emphasis, or I simply ask a question … Read more

It’s a Challenge

see video version I love October, and I’m ready for autumn to actually get here and stay here.  Texas is always a mish-mash of weather.  ALWAYS.  Well, apart from the summer when it goes from hot to hotter and stays there (not my favorite).  Autumn holds the promise of cooler days, and I so want … Read more

Are You In?

see video version here Belief is essential because it means we’re more likely to be “all in.”  When we’re not, we half-heartedly say we want to lose or maintain our weight, but we don’t follow through because we are only partly invested in success.  Next week is Thanksgiving in the United States, a good excuse … Read more

Believe It — Or Not

See video here What do you believe about your emotional eating, diets, and weight loss?Is it possible to actually lose the weight and keep it off your body?  Do you think it’s possible to get a handle on emotional eating?  Is there a nutritional plan that will work for you? Our beliefs determine our outcomes.  Think … Read more

Is That Who You Want to Be?

see video here Renée is my middle name.  When my “legal” (read: First) name is called,  I’m the one for whom it doesn’t register, so they call again and eventually I jump up with “Oh, that’s me,” and I look a bit goofy.  Our names are a significant part of our identities, and if you … Read more

Never the Least Favorite that Breaks

It’s never your least favorite mug that breaks, is it? No matter your best intentions for your day, things happen – a broken mug, cross words with someone, traffic, the boss, or someone questioning (or bullying) your nutritional choices.  It throws you off, upsets or frustrates, and awakens your need for soothing – and the … Read more

Make it Happen, Make it Last

See video version here. Maintaining weight loss can be as difficult as losing weight, and most fail.  I did — many times.  I’d gain a few pounds, try to lose them, gain a bit more, lose some of it, but then I’d gain more again.  A couple of times I lost good chunks of weight, … Read more

Soothers OTHER than food

see video You have a story.  There are strong reasons you do what you do in everything from eating emotionally to cleaning your teeth to dressing yourself.  It’s a learned pattern of doing things in a way that seems easiest to us. The easiest way to deal with our emotional baggage is to eat, taking … Read more

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