Number One MYTH of Weight Loss

See Video Can you guess? There are at least a dozen general myths. THIS one will keep you wondering, frustrated, and likely on the Diet …


They say, “Lose Weight for the LAST TIME!”

See Video The promises we long to be true — How many coaches have you heard say you can lose weight for the last time?  …


Superpowers 2

see video version Jo struggled with staying on track with her nutrition and exercise goals.  She’d do well for a bit, then she lost her …


Use Your Superpowers

see video version Faith finally made it up the corporate ladder to the C-suite after a mighty struggle to balance work and family.  Her younger …


You’ve Done WAY Harder Things

see video version The other night, I was relaxing in our den, and the boys were strewn across the blanket over my legs as cats …

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