Month: December 2023

Thoughts for the New Year

See Video How many of your past resolutions have been about your weight or fitness? How many did you keep? I had 40 years of resolutions to “lose weight.”  Since I spent every one of those years on the Diet Yo-Yo, obviously, they didn’t stick.  I’d start and re-start and abandon it and start again, […]

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Choose YOUR Coach

Video Most coaches are good-hearted souls who truly want to make a difference in the world.  AND when evaluating programs and coaches, trust your gut and do your homework. Finding the right coach for you is more than just buying a program – it’s a relationship. Is this person the coach you want?  Do you

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Know What YOU Want

See Video Amidst the special offers, emails, challenges, and webinars – it all sounds good.  Yes, I want that.  THAT will do it for me!  Hold on there, flower, let’s just check in:  First and foremost, know what you want to accomplish.  Look at what programs promise:  Lose 60 pounds in 6 weeks – seriously,

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