Choose YOUR Coach


Most coaches are good-hearted souls who truly want to make a difference in the world.  AND when evaluating programs and coaches, trust your gut and do your homework. Finding the right coach for you is more than just buying a program – it’s a relationship.

Is this person the coach you want?  Do you believe they will be by your side?  I’ve had some really good coaches and some I regretted hiring.  Clarify these things:

Does what they’re actually selling match what you want?  Ask questions. What’s included in the program?  If you’ve worked with coaches before, be specific about what you have, what you know, where you’ve struggled, and what you think you need.  In broad terms, everyone has a method with content, tools, and time with the coach.  How much time do you get? Is it a group program or one-to-one? Which works better for you?  If things go sideways between meetings, is there support?  Make sure it’s what YOU need. 

Is their personality a good fit for you?  Read their blogs, watch their videos, follow them on social media.  Then have a conversation with them.  Are they the kind of person you will feel comfortable with particularly when you’re vulnerable?

Do you trust them? Guiding someone toward their goal as well as navigating what’s stopping you from reaching it can be very personal.  Do you trust their heart toward you?   How they treat you now is a good indicator.  If they are pushing you HARD to get a sale, that may tell you something about their coaching.  I don’t like when someone does that to me, so I don’t do that. 

You might also check if they’re doing what they’re teaching you to do.  Just a thought there.

Reaching a goal can be an arduous journey filled with missteps, failure, frustration, and struggles as you make changes that move you forward.  My really good coaches could be hard on me, but I believed their heart was for me, so I’d stay with it, and they helped me achieve my goals.

As coaches, we are there to help you stay on track with tools, encouragement, and sometimes calling you on your stuff.  Choose someone who has been there, made changes themselves, has some good training, and believes in you.  Choose someone you trust.

When you’re ready to reach your goal, let’s talk.  [email protected]

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