Emotional Eating: COVID Edition

Video Version Emotional eating – boy, that virus has not helped, has it?  Kicks up all the stuff we struggle with. And it’s so frustrating knowing what you want to do, knowing the result you want — and then something happens, and suddenly you just cannot stop yourself.  That food – whatever it is for … Read more

Cheat Day — Yea or Nay?

Video Version Here Renée Jones here with Pack Your Own Bag Cheat Day!   Yea or Nay? Do you incorporate a cheat day in your plan? Some find it helpful, but we know that what works for one doesn’t always work for others, and you have to find what works for you.  Cheat Day Considerations If … Read more

Scariest Place

To See the Video Okay, I don’t want to scare you too much, but I’m currently in one of the most unnerving and frightening places known to woman.  It can seriously strike fear into our hearts. Ready? Deep breath now — It’s THE SCALE Collective scream, anyone? Big sigh.  What is up with all of … Read more

Frustrated Much?

See Video Version Gaining weight is so easy.  Would that it were so easy to lose it again.  Yet it isn’t.  Fat loss is a complex chemical process that varies so much from individual to individual.  Call it our genes, our body chemistry, our previous experiences, our desire and ability to follow the plan – … Read more

In the Nicest Possible Way — Watch Your Mouth

See video version here Emotional Eating always has a trigger.  It may be something benign, traumatic, or anywhere in between.  Too often, it’s self-inflicted.  When you go walkabout from your nutrition plan, what do you say to yourself?  What is your assessment of what happened?  How do you get back on track? Beat Up Too … Read more

Activate HOPE

Maybe you’re like me – you tried many diets or weight loss efforts before, and it just never worked long-term. We don’t really believe it’s possible to lose weight AND maintain that loss. “Everyone yo-yos, don’t they? It’s just part of the cycle.” It is true for many, but it doesn’t have to be. We … Read more

Summer Change

See Video Version Weight loss is simple, right?  We know the math and dozens of plans. What about sticking with the plan and then maintaining that goal weight or size forever?  Not so simple, is it?  And few succeed.  Why is that?  Part of it is our reaction to change.  We like how we’ve always … Read more

Tools That Work: Symbols

See video version here I can be quirky.  Not that you don’t already know that, but I do try to share things that work.  Last week in the accountability group call, we were talking about trying to remember to make the changes we say we want to make.  We’ve talked about phone alarms, notes on … Read more

It Could Be a Great Summer

See the Video Version: How’s it going?  Weeding out the thoughts that have kept you stuck? Some truly only need to be recognized and then dismissed, which is great. Others come back.  Frustrating, isn’t it? Like the weeds in my flower bed that started this theme, they can pop back up – or if they’ve … Read more

Weeding Out

Video Version: So what thoughts and habits would you like to get rid of?  Did you make a list?  I can always make a list – unfortunately.  I think of it as my summer project to work on that list.  It’s a good time to focus as things tend to slow down a bit.  And … Read more

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