Food as Reward or Comfort

“I deserve this.  It’s my reward for _________.” Ever said that?  I have.  And it is often the lie of self-sabotage. Our culture supports it, and it’s still a bit like our collective gremlin that pops out when we can’t get what we want or believe we’re being minimized or in some other way demands … Read more

That “Go-To” Food

What’s your “go-to” food when you’re stressed, upset, angry, or otherwise driven to food for an emotional reason?  One of my clients lamented hers, and I had to confess that it was also mine before I broke my Diet Yo-Yo:  Cheap grocery store cake – white cake, buttercream frosting, and sprinkles.  The more frosting, the … Read more

Creepy Crepe Myrtles for the Win?

Walking my dog each morning, I pass a house with “creepy crepe myrtles,” the kind planted between the sidewalk and the street as a screen.  Creepy in the early morning.In March, they dug up a pipe across the length of their property from the back to the street ripping out two Crepe Myrtles and tossing … Read more

Overcome Emotional Eating: Your Best

Once we face our stuff, our baggage, it helps us heal.  Even more, it gives us a real opportunity to be our BEST selves.  When we’re no longer reacting to our baggage, it’s easier to take a breath, identify what we’re trying to stuff down and follow with a  food chaser, and to then make … Read more

Your Baggage: Shall We Unpack?

If you eat to soothe yourself emotionally, there’s baggage in there somewhere.  Jamie commented on my TEDx talk, saying, “Holy moly! I just connected my love of doughnuts back to childhood Sunday’s before my parents divorced….”  There’s always a reason we go for the food we do.  We want to soothe, and therefore we choose … Read more

Your Body: I Have Dairy Envy

Dairy is a wonderfully pleasurable food group – all that yummy goodness, and I love the creamy texture.  However, although I can have dairy, if I have too much, my body responds by packing on pounds.  I may envy another’s ability to consume more dairy than I can, but overindulging doesn’t help me get where … Read more

Patience, Dear One. Patience

Twenty years ago, I was captivated by a certain plumeria.  Not sure what initiated my love for white flowers with pink edges, but love them I do, and I wanted one.  We found white, red, even a red and yellow version in the local shops, but this white with pink edges and a kiss of … Read more

Summer Learning: Practical Changes

Yes, Renée, all these ideas are well and good, but HOW do I get my head around these thoughts I’ve believed all my life?   Maybe everyone at school made fun of you for a behavior, preference, or even the color of your hair, (hello, fellow redheads!) or your parents were not very supportive nor … Read more

Summer Learning: Working With Who You Are

Like many of you, my great intentions sometimes come with very poor execution. While on my 40-year Diet Yo-Yo, I always had great intentions for losing extra pounds and keeping them off. I aspire to be more ordered with housekeeping, accounting, etc., but my great intentions to accomplish many things just don’t always get them … Read more

Summer Learning: Choosing the Shift

I’m not hungry, I just want to eat more Sigh. Whether you’ve had a rough day and feel the need for comfort or a reward of some kind, or perhaps you simply look to that item to soothe your stress, we often look to food to cure what ails us.  We get a quick dopamine … Read more

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