What’s your story?

We share stories to connect, to share information, to illustrate a point, and perhaps to get some help with our struggles.  They also tell others what we believe about ourselves. What are the main stories you tell?    Jot down a couple of details about the ones you most often share. Some are great stories of … Read more

Vision Helping or Hindering

Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”  What is your vision for your health journey?  Genuinely, what do you envision, expect, believe?  Write it down.  For those 40 years I was sleeping at the end of the string of the Diet Yo-Yo, I wanted to be … Read more

Hello, Best

So, I’ve been known to beat myself up when I make mistakes or poor choices.  I’m not alone, am I?  The impulse to have a go at ourselves may have come from our childhoods, school experiences, or some tough relationship experiences, and we tend to hold onto the pattern – and maybe the stick of … Read more

Focus on Progress

It’s “Back to School” again.  I spotted the students waiting at the bus stop early Tuesday morning while walking my dog.  I’m sure some of them find it hard to get back into the routine of getting up early, sitting in class all day, and doing homework and extra-curricular activities in the evening.  It’s required … Read more

Food as Reward or Comfort

“I deserve this.  It’s my reward for _________.” Ever said that?  I have.  And it is often the lie of self-sabotage. Our culture supports it, and it’s still a bit like our collective gremlin that pops out when we can’t get what we want or believe we’re being minimized or in some other way demands … Read more

That “Go-To” Food

What’s your “go-to” food when you’re stressed, upset, angry, or otherwise driven to food for an emotional reason?  One of my clients lamented hers, and I had to confess that it was also mine before I broke my Diet Yo-Yo:  Cheap grocery store cake – white cake, buttercream frosting, and sprinkles.  The more frosting, the … Read more

Creepy Crepe Myrtles for the Win?

Walking my dog each morning, I pass a house with “creepy crepe myrtles,” the kind planted between the sidewalk and the street as a screen.  Creepy in the early morning.In March, they dug up a pipe across the length of their property from the back to the street ripping out two Crepe Myrtles and tossing … Read more

Overcome Emotional Eating: Your Best

Once we face our stuff, our baggage, it helps us heal.  Even more, it gives us a real opportunity to be our BEST selves.  When we’re no longer reacting to our baggage, it’s easier to take a breath, identify what we’re trying to stuff down and follow with a  food chaser, and to then make … Read more

Your Baggage: Shall We Unpack?

If you eat to soothe yourself emotionally, there’s baggage in there somewhere.  Jamie commented on my TEDx talk, saying, “Holy moly! I just connected my love of doughnuts back to childhood Sunday’s before my parents divorced….”  There’s always a reason we go for the food we do.  We want to soothe, and therefore we choose … Read more

Your Body: I Have Dairy Envy

Dairy is a wonderfully pleasurable food group – all that yummy goodness, and I love the creamy texture.  However, although I can have dairy, if I have too much, my body responds by packing on pounds.  I may envy another’s ability to consume more dairy than I can, but overindulging doesn’t help me get where … Read more

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