Month: August 2022


See Video Version Over a decade ago, I bought some proper knives.  Because I’m always trying to do multiple things at once in the kitchen and the knives were very sharp, I often cut myself – not quite needing stitches.  More than once Michael did his “Lurch” groan and muttered about digging out the old […]

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Starting Afresh

See Video Version Stores are filled with the scent and sights of new school supplies!  Yellow #2 pencils – I can still smell the mix of wood and lead from the sharpener.  Pens, paper for spirals, folders, and 3-ring notebooks, all manner of plastic for binders and cases, new lunch boxes and containers, plus glue,

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I Just Can’t Stop Myself!

see video version Can you relate to this?“I just can’t stop myself!” Ever felt that way? Something has happened, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with feelings or negative thoughts, and we go to whatever soothes us  – eating, drinking, over-exercising, shopping, watching television, sex, anger, etc.  They’re familiar, they’ve worked, and changing that is hard. The thing is –

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