I Just Can’t Stop Myself!

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Can you relate to this?
“I just can’t stop myself!”
Ever felt that way? 
Something has happened, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with feelings or negative thoughts, and we go to whatever soothes us  – eating, drinking, over-exercising, shopping, watching television, sex, anger, etc.  They’re familiar, they’ve worked, and changing that is hard.
The thing is – thoughts and emotions will pass through our awareness in about 90 seconds if we will let them.  You’ve experienced this, haven’t you?  Having a thought in your head one moment, and the next you can’t remember what you were thinking or saying.  The same can be true of stronger feelings and thoughts if we allow it.

As illustration, think of it like a river.  The river flows.  We can dip our toes into it.  We can swim.  We can sit on the bank and watch it.  We can skip rocks on it.  Even if we stand in the middle of it, it continues to flow around and past us.
The only way to stop it is to capture it with some barrier.  The water there is then stuck, and in time, with no other water feeding it, it goes murky and later either evaporates or goes putrid.  It loses oxygen, and no creature can live in that.
Ever been in a mind funk like that?  Your thoughts or feelings just sit in one place. We can ruminate over it or complain, we can argue,  but there’s no way to shift it, and there is no life in it, is there?  So we reach for our comforters, one last gasp of life.
However, if we break the barrier around the water we’ve dammed up, it returns to the river and flows.  It reoxygenates – life returns just through moving along and away from the place it was stuck.  As we let it flow, new thoughts and feelings come along and flow around us and past, taking with it the mind funk, the grasping desire because life is all around us.
When you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, feeling you can’t stop yourself, wait.  Take a minute or two to just be in that space – they will pass through in about 90 seconds if you let them flow, and that is the comfort you seek.

When you’re ready to let it flow, send me an email.  You can be free.

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