Meltdowns and Poor Moments

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I had a meltdown.  I’ve been so frustrated, and although I tried to manage it, redirect the energy, and such, I lost it over something so small and seemingly unrelated.  It wasn’t pretty, and then came the disappointment in myself.   Can you relate?

Here’s the thing – I know I’m not alone.  The news is filled with ordinary people caught in public having a very poor moment.  After a very strange couple of years, we still have a significant amount of uncertainty, fear, and frustration.  We’re trying to normalize life, but then come continuing variants, supply chain disruptions, politics, inflation – it’s A LOT for our hearts and souls, and we get to the end of our reserves and snap.

My coaching schedule filled rapidly in 2020 as people worked from home and were way too near the kitchen. They wanted to get a handle on something, and handling emotional eating felt productive. 

Two years later, I talk to more and more people who are struggling with a different pandemic:  the struggle with worthiness, self-esteem, our value.  It’s pervasive, and it’s destructive because it brings along with it other disrupters like guilt, shame, and feeling broken.  I’ve had the amazing opportunity to coach people from six continents, multiple cultures – from women who occupy the C-Suite to housewives and stay-at-home moms to students, and almost all have struggled with their sense of worth and value. 

The nagging thoughts are hard enough on any given Wednesday, but after two years plus of uncertainty and such a weird existence?  It’s a lot, and we have to recognize that although we normally function as superwomen, doing all the things for the family, friends, and work, we have to recharge. 

It’s not about trying harder or even giving up.  It’s about refueling – body, mind, and soul – so we can live that healthy, confident life we want.  It does require unpacking and settling old questions about our value, those things we feel shame and guilt over, the unresolved stuff from our past or family systems.  Like unpacking a bag at the end of a trip, it’s so important to unpack the stuff we drag with us because it frees up some energy and a whole lot of time when we no longer ruminate on it.  It can be intense, but then there is freedom.

If you’d like to know more, email or DM me.  Imagine what will happen when your heart is healed and whole again.  So good!

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