Month: December 2019

Cultivate You

Resolutions can be great, but resolving the issues driving those behaviors we resolve to change will improve our success. So what do you want?  What parts of yourself do you want to cultivate in the year ahead to cultivate your truest self? The Old Part of that is letting go of the old – all […]

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Cultivate Love

“And the Soul Felt Its Worth” It’s a line from my favourite Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  A number of years ago, someone pointed out this line that I’d sung for years but hadn’t registered — and every day in my counseling and coaching practice, I see the epidemic of the low value we place

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Cultivate Joy

Catching the spirit? December is so full of joy and laughter and celebrating.  With the twinkling lights and parties and well-wishes and displays, it’s a festive atmosphere, and that’s really lovely.   With such focus on family and holiday traditions, it can also be tough for those missing someone they love or longing for something.  Add

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Cultivate Peace

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and “It’s that time of year when the world says hello” – so the songs go.   Twinkling lights and displays of “Peace on Earth” fill the season of celebration, and maybe we are kinder and more giving to others, which is lovely.  At the same time, we

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Cultivate Hope

Many traditions have a holiday this month: the beginning of winter when our days begin to lengthen again, Buddhism’s Bodhi Day of Enlightenment, Hanukkah, Christmas both spiritual and secular, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and Yule, and Watchnight before the New Year, and probably more than a few not here listed. The common theme is HOPE. How

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