Cultivate You

Resolutions can be great, but resolving the issues driving those behaviors we resolve to change will improve our success.

So what do you want?  What parts of yourself do you want to cultivate in the year ahead to cultivate your truest self?

The Old

Part of that is letting go of the old – all of it.  We’ve all had trauma, although some is worse than others, but letting go of it is freedom.  I know.  It doesn’t feel like it right now, but do the tough emotional excavation work with a counselor or coach or helpful friend.  Once you can stand up and shake off the dust, you’ll walk in a freedom you didn’t know existed.  Really.

Take Hold of the New

Second part – taking hold of the new.  How would your best and truest self act, talk, walk, eat, breathe, dress, exercise, and hold your tongue when appropriate as well as speak out when appropriate, work, love, care for others?  How would your most authentic self manage emotional eating and your heart? Make a list or a picture or collage – what would it look and sound like as you release the old and grow into your best?

One of my challenges is choosing calm and kindness over all the fire others told me redheads were.  I lived that fire for a while – it wasn’t great.  It felt like the lowest of my nature rather than the truest, and it became a bad habit that I then had to reform. Diligently.  To be my best, it was essential, and it has truly made me happier.

What’s essential for your truest self?

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