JOY!!! Catching the Spirit?

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Catching the spirit?  Even with the variant, or maybe especially with the variant, it feels like we’re trying really hard to create joy this year.  December is full of opportunities – twinkling lights, parties, and a lovely festive atmosphere. 

Amidst the traditions and focus on family, it can be tough on those missing someone or longing for something different than their current circumstances.  Add in all the extra food, sugar, and alcohol options, and the joy of the season can be overwhelming on so many levels.  If you’re an emotional eater, it gets really tough to maintain balance, so how do we do that?

Focus on what you truly want rather than want right now helps. 

Pre-planning and sticking to the plan works, and often we skip that step when we’re really just wanting to have a free pass.  “It’s the holidays!” we say. 

If you choose to divert from your plan, that’s fair enough, AND try to be wise about how many times you go off the rails.  January is coming.

In my 40 years on a diet, the holiday season required every ounce of willpower I had – and I usually failed.  I was miserable come January, but I didn’t learn the lesson for many years.  Thankfully, it’s been a decade since my New Year’s Resolution had to do with losing weight.

That Christmas, I was diligent about shifting my focus away from food and onto cultivating joy, and it made all the difference.  Rather than focusing on what I was choosing not to have, I focused on what I had – being grateful for those I love and what I have been blessed with.  I also did my best to be grateful for those who challenge me in less than comfortable ways.  That’s not easy, but practicing it transforms the hard stuff.
I focused on giving, especially with no expectation of anything in return whether that’s a gift, money, or your time.  Investing in others transforms you.

I focused on being kind—especially to cashiers.  They take a lot at this time of year.  They may get a bit sullen, and my mission is to try to make them laugh.  Sometimes it works.  Kindness is magical as it often transforms the recipient.  Works when you’re kinder to yourself as well, but that may be the harder thing.  Try this:  take note of what you’re doing well or with best intentions and how you’re growing.

Presence can create so much more joy than presents.  When we slow down enough to truly be present with someone, with a feeling, with our own souls, we transform an interaction.  We are more of our true selves in heart, mind, body, and soul, and that’s truly a joyous moment.

If joy is elusive for you right now, we can cultivate it — or offload what’s dragging you down.  Book a call with me.  It can make all the difference. 

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