December Peace

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Talking with a friend this morning about all the activities on her December calendar makes me wonder how she could fit it all in.  With three children, activities throughout the year are abundant, and now throw in Christmas plays, parties, and end of year sports events, plus the hope of a few traditional activities – I’m sure she could do with a “Silent Night” here and there.    Do you relate?

Mind, after losing 2020’s celebrations, we so want to get back to normal, we so want to celebrate with family and friends, and we so want all the plays, concerts, and other holiday-themed displays and parties.  It feels a little more normal, which adds something to our sense of peace. 

I’m thankful for the twinkling lights and displays of “Peace on Earth.”  It’s a reminder of what we can have if we take the time to cultivate it.  Where would peace be welcome for you this year?

On a podcast last week, someone asked me whether there were common factors amongst those who eat for emotional reasons.  There are, and the most common is lower self-esteem.  When our esteem tanks get a little low, we want a quick top up, and food is so easy and convenient, and it works until our waistbands tighten, at which point our self-esteem tanks again.

What if we focused on cultivating peace around how we view ourselves?  That may be our body size and weight, or it could be some of those old stories we allow to run around in our minds.  I’ve been challenged of late to change my thinking.  Rather than running on the familiar grooves of thought, can I challenge a few of them to create more peace in my heart and mind?  Maybe let go of old stories that do not create peace – in no way such that we wonder why we allow them to stay in our memories – let go of other thoughts, choices, relationship drama, old habits, and other general baggage.  How easily we revert to them in another story, but if we could erase or otherwise eliminate them, how much space might there be for peace?

In this season of celebration, peace is worth cultivating – and so calming.  I could do with a bit more of that.  How about you?

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