They say, “Lose Weight for the LAST TIME!”

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The promises we long to be true —

How many coaches have you heard say you can lose weight for the last time?  Do your eyes roll by themselves?  Do you put it in the category of “All promise, no results”?

Of course, all diet “promises” can be true.  Every diet does work while followed, but it’s a complex system to navigate as we’re human and live with other flawed humans, not to mention that we are very good at self-sabotage.  Or is that just me? 

If you want to make this process of losing weight your last time, identify what stops you.

Is it self-sabotage that stops your progress?  Frustration?  An event? Sagging motivation?  Stress and other emotional stuff driving you to food for soothing?  What trips you most?

Identifying that is essential.  We can’t effectively overcome what we don’t recognize and then address.  If I try to get to Dallas from where I live by driving west, I would never get there.  I have to recognize that my sense of direction is flawed.  Dallas is east, so if I alter my course,  I can be in downtown Dallas in less than 40 minutes.

To lose the weight for the last time, we have to recognize what’s stopping us, then alter our actions.  If you’re a stress or emotional eater, this is a significant change point, but making that change works.

Think about it:  If you no longer ate for emotional or stress reasons, how long do you think it would take to lose your weight?  Once you reached your goal, if you continued to eat sensibly without stress or other emotional factors driving you to food for soothing, would you be able to maintain it? 

So what stops you?

Are you ready to make the change that will make the difference?

I offer individual coaching sessions to help you recognize what’s going on for you and then help you change that course and give you support so you can reach your goals.  I also offer group coaching.  Which would suit you?   [email protected]

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