Number One MYTH of Weight Loss

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Can you guess? There are at least a dozen general myths. THIS one will keep you wondering, frustrated, and likely on the Diet Yo-Yo forever.

Number one MYTH of weight loss:   THIS diet (or non-diet) will do it!

Okay – sure – as long as you follow it consistently until you reach your goal and learn from the experience regarding what your body needs and can handle – and then do that. 

Doing that is the hard part, right?

I know.  We don’t really want to sometimes, and that’s the difference.  I had 40 years of differences – but now I’m over 10 years at my goal weight.  I’m not on a constant diet.  I don’t starve.  I don’t over-exercise.  I follow what works for my body.

HOW?  Part of it is in knowing what works for me, which took some time to learn, and that metabolic analysis thing I do with clients helps a lot. 

Part of it was dealing with what was driving me to crawl into the refrigerator or snack machine when I was stressed or upset.  When we find the driver, we can take away the keys.

And part was my desire to keep what I’d worked so hard for.  It’s what I want, and when we know what we truly want, we tend to be more committed to the process and the results.

There’s a caveat on that myth – when you find the nutrition that works for your body, it will do it for you.  Once I learned what works for my body, I was never so tired, hungry, nor cranky again.  Well, because of food, anyway.

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