Reach Your Goal THIS Year


In the first weeks of January, we hit our goals hard, depending on willpower to set a new habit or break an old one.  The theory is that if you go all-in from the beginning, willpower will maintain momentum.  We can do that for a while, and then something happens, and our streak breaks. 

Human nature likes streaks, so once it’s broken, reaching a goal then feels impossible and starting again?  Oh, that’s a chore now.

Getting Back on Track
Go back to the beginning.  What do you truly want?  What’s the goal?  Why is that goal important to you? 

These simplistic questions lead to essential answers. 

Do you want to lose 30/50/100 pounds?  Why is that important to you? 

What bad habit do you want to stop?  Why is that important to you?

Is it time for a change in something work-related like a new job or a new challenge?  Why is that important to you?

The “Why” creates motivation, and if we don’t know why we want something, we’ll approach it with more of an “it would be nice” attitude rather than a compelling desire.

Many years I talked about losing weight.  It seemed like the thing to do.  In the middle of the year, I’d want it.  In the moments I was staring down cake or extra portions, I’d give in.  I didn’t have enough motivation to help me make a hard choice.

My “why” came when I was staring down my 50th birthday and feared never being able to lose the weight – that was motivating.  Then I had to find my “why” for maintaining that goal, and I have since 2012.  It was a complete change from the previous 40 years on the Diet Yo-Yo.  Having clarity around “why” we want something makes the difference. 

Knowing your “Why” gives you motivation amidst the challenges of weight loss. What’s yours?

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