Top 4 Reasons We Bail on our Goals


Some of you are making tracks on your goals – well done!  Keep it going!

For others, it’s not even two weeks into January, and our great ideas for making this a better year for our goals?  Pfft!  What happens? 

Unexpected Interruptions:  Things happen at the most inconvenient times without regard for our plans.  Don’t abandon it.  Reset the goal timeline.  My New Year’s gift was my first case of COVID, so although that has rescued me from any extra weight from the holidays, I’m starting my new year again.  Come join me! 

“Why Bother?”  After many goals and efforts, sometimes it’s frustrating – not to mention discouraging – to try to believe again.  Return to the beginning:  What do you want, and why is it important to you?  If you’ve let it slip, start with me.  If you’re fed up of trying, email me.  Let’s find and resolve that.

Too Broad or Unclear:  Losing weight.  Doing weights. Play an instrument or learn a language.   It’s in the right direction, but there’s little “direction” to it.  When would you know you achieved it?  Narrow it down and create some clear markers for progress like five pounds by X-date, set up appointments for piano lessons, or enroll in Welsh language classes – or choose your preferred language. 

No Support System:  Maybe you’ve asked your cousin to join with you, and although it sounds great, she’s not into it, and within the month you’re struggling on your own.  We don’t do hard things that way.  We need encouragement and someone to share the challenge. 

These are just four of many reasons, and we don’t have to abandon our dreams or our goals.  When we get past the unexpected interruptions, get over our old blocks, get clear, and get support, we are on the way to reaching our goals.  Let’s talk:  [email protected]

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