Magic of Weight Loss — Do Not be Fooled


I saw an article last week that said all that blue light and screen time may not be as bad as we thought.  Their conclusion now is:  It could be individual.

Honestly, what ISN’T individual?   

Blanket advice was once very useful, but now that we have a 24-7 information firehose, it’s essential to be curious, particularly with the flood of information on weight loss.  Your body chemistry is unique.  What works for our weight loss and nutrition will be individual. 

The problem is we’re bombarded with messages, studies, and influencers peddling THE Magic Formula.  We want that Magic Bullet that makes it easy with no muss, fuss, or effort.

Yet we know — it just doesn’t work that way.  It didn’t work that way when we gained weight either, but that was more fun so we don’t think about it that way. 

Here’s the truth:  There is no magic – not gastric surgery, Ozempic or other GLP1 inhibitors, not the latest or craziest nutrition plan.  Each works at least for a while.  The key is making the required effort and consistently good choices.   

 It’s not magic — It’s transformation.

Are you still with me? 

First, we have to believe it’s possible to lose the weight and maintain at goal.   What’s your first reaction to that?  I often get a shrug or a wish for that to be true from conference attendees.  We’ve lost our belief in our ability to succeed, and we have a list of reasons why.  If we focus on that, it’s harder to gather up our belief again, and it’s easy to abandon our efforts at the first stumble.

When you believe in something, and I mean truly believe not just hype yourself up, it changes how you approach it.  There’s a certainty, and we set ourselves up to succeed.  We don’t dither and bargain with ourselves about a detour or a double portion.  We’re focused and determined to make those good choices consistently.

When did you last feel that way about a weight loss plan?  I know – we’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy to fix this thing, and here we are again.  There is a way out, but it isn’t magic nor instant.  It requires some real change.

Start with believing it’s possible.  In your dream about weight loss, the result is always success.  You dream of it being possible.  Now shift that to believing it’s possible.  It sounds simplistic, but it’s a significant shift.  When you believe it, you will begin to consistently make the choices that take you toward that result.

It’s not always easy to cultivate that belief.  If you want a little help getting there, let’s have a conversation.  Contact me at [email protected]

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