Navigating the Buffet, Party Platters, and Summer Barbecue


Navigating Summer Food

Summer keeps all things light – lighter clothing, lighter schedule (if possible) lighter foods . . . well, that’s true and not so true, isn’t it?  The foods are lighter than the cold months of hearty and heavier comfort foods.  We have more fresh veg, salads, and fruits, but have a look at your next summer barbecue –  Oh boy! – and vacations present their own food dilemmas.

Take a breath.

The truth is, it’s a year-round issue.  It’s in the office kitchen, on the receptionist’s desk, the conference buffet – the restaurant buffet – any work event including food, as well as at home when your family or roommates do not share your food choices. 

How do we navigate the smorgasbord of temptation?

The most basic step:  Do a reconnaissance round of the offerings and plan your selections.  It’s so easy as you walk the buffet to let your eyes get bigger than your plate, isn’t it?  So make at least one circle of the area.  What do you most want?  If it’s a holiday, what would “make” the holiday for you?  What would be disappointing if you skipped? 

If there are foods you just can’t say no to, you have a couple of options.  First, what is it about that food is so important to you?  We all have them, and there’s a reason we do.  Often they’re tied to a memory, and we’re looking for the feeling that memory gives us.  Consider how you can experience that memory and feeling in another way.

Second, consider truly savoring a taste of something rather than having a full portion.  We typically only taste the first three bites of anything, and that may satisfy you.

If you’re in a season of trying to lose some weight, be cautious with overindulging even if you are generally able to moderate your intake of certain foods later.  Have a plan for your next meal time so you get right back on track.   If you are an abstainer, stick to your plan.  A slip can lead to a fall that creates a hard slog to recovery. 

Choose what you most want – it may be the food, or it may be the good feeling you have when you’re in control, feeling good in your body, and knowing you’ve made consistently good decisions.  Pick your favorite.

This is a challenge for most of us.  If you need some support or help growing into it, let’s talk:  [email protected]

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