Magic Weight Loss Step Two: Mental and Emotional Wellness


Once we can get our minds and hearts around believing it’s possible to do something different, to lose the weight and keep it off, it gives us hope and renews the desire to get it done.

How do we get it done?

We must keep our eyes on the outcome we want, and therefore make choices to support that outcome.  We can do that.  We’ve done it before.  We know the potential obstacles.  We are often derailed by temptation, upset, frustration, and self or external sabotage.  And if our mental and emotional wellness tanks are low – um, yeah – it’s not so easy to stay on track, is it?

It’s HARD to make good choices when your thinking is clouded, you’re exhausted, or you’re sad, mad, frustrated, or in any other way upset.   In that moment, we want the relief.   “Just give me something to make this go away.” 

Hard, yes.  Still not impossible although it may feel that way at times.  We must set ourselves up to succeed.


First, we NEED good nutrition.  Ever feel foggy, achy, or just not yourself after a long weekend or holiday?  Our bodies react to excess.  Add on processed concoctions and foods you may only eat when you’re with family, and it’s not surprising.  Good nutrition that works for your body makes you feel better.  When we feel better, it’s easier to make good choices.

Second, we need mental wellness.  We live in a busy world:  work, lots of activity, competition, inescapable contact and information, and stress.  It’s physically exhausting but even more mentally exhausting.   We hear a lot about maintaining our mental wellness these days.  It’s a good thing to do – but when?  Investing in your mental wellness will actually create more space.  When we can use our sense of perspective, discernment, healthy sense of self, good decision-making skills, etc., — our best selves – we are able to make better choices.

Third, our emotional wellness often drives the bus with food and weight loss.  It’s not that we’re hungry, we just want that particular food.  It’s soothing, and we’ll take the temporary relief in that moment, but that doesn’t heal what’s driving the bus.  It’s not easy, but we can heal our wounds, strengthen our self-worth, grow through our memories and past, and feel emotionally free again.  It’s effective work as it strengthens us, and we make better choices.

Get the refrain?  When we take care of our nutrition, mental, and emotional wellness, we are able to make better choices that support us toward our goals.  We set ourselves up for success. 

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