Emotional Eating: Six Weeks Can Make a HUGE Difference

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Six weeks – if you focused, could you lose 5 pounds? 

Most could, and some would lose more. One of my clients lost 10 in the first 6 weeks, but even 3 or 4 would be helpful, wouldn’t it? 

Is your brain going to all the ways it might not work?  It’s a normal reaction, particularly when you have experience with it, but focusing there doesn’t help.  To be honest, I did the same. Every time I lost a few pounds, I didn’t really expect it to last as it hadn’t in the past. 

Then the media and the diet industry tell us it’s nearly impossible to maintain after a year or two.  (Not that they might have a vested interest in our failing so we return to their pills, potions, powders, and programs.)  So why make such an effort?

Because you want this. 

You want to feel healthier, more confident, and be able to keep up with children or grandchildren.  It’s not really about a dress size or a number on the scale for most people.  On my initial calls with people, I ask what they want, and they say one of three things:  to feel better, to be healthy and mobile long-term, or to feel more confident in their bodies. 

How do you get there?

We have to find what works for our bodies AND what we can live with long-term.  I give my clients a metabolic assessment that shows what will work for their bodies.  You can do it over time with trial and error, but once you know what works and keeps you satisfied, it’s much easier to make these new choices a lifestyle.  Find your balance between what it takes to stop weight loss and what makes us gain.  Skipping this step is a bit like buying a house, but once you move in, you stop looking after it.  We don’t like vacuuming, dusting, cleaning, gardening, or repairs and maintenance, so what happens if we skip that? 

The Diet Yo-Yo does us no favors.  It makes it harder to lose weight again, and at some point, it affects your mobility, which will affect your independence.    If you have FOMO for not being able to eat like others do, consider what you’ll miss when you can’t move around because your joints are going or you’re carrying too much weight for your body frame. 

If you need help either finding the right nutrition for your body or settling this in your mind, let’s talk.  [email protected]  Just six weeks would make a huge difference.

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