Emotional Eating: Focus Week 2

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Are you focused? 

We talked last week about finding what nutrition works best for you. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that starvation feeling or being tired, hungry, and cranky all the time because my body isn’t getting what it needs to feel properly nourished so it will release the extra weight.  It’s so much easier to stay focused on the goal if our bodies feel good, if our stomachs aren’t growling, and we’re not constantly thinking about our next meal.  If you haven’t found it, let’s talk.  If you have, be consistent.  Focus on the outcome you desire.

Then what?

Get a little – and I mean a little – exercise.  Cardio and weight training are good for us in many ways but let’s start with a gentle walk.  To be honest, that’s the only exercise I did while losing my weight.  Start with five minutes, and increase it in increments.  A 20-minute walk even a few days a week will do you the world of good.  Work your way up to a comfortable distance several days a week.  

I started with three, then went to five, and now my day isn’t quite right without it.  The fresh air and nature doing its thing is a wonderful way to start the day. I followed an opossum up our street today.  He was going to cross the road but thought better of it and retreated across a yard.  I found the butterfly I wrote about in April on my morning walk.  My dog, Ellie, and I watched the trees turn in the fall and put on leaves this spring. 

Now, I’ll grant you, it’s sometimes hard to get the habit started. 

A strategy for creating and maintaining a habit is to pair what you’re trying to do with something you know you’ll do.  Bribery?  Possibly.  I know one person who only watches certain television shows when she’s on the treadmill.  I listen to books or podcasts.  Mind, I also use that when I’m cleaning house or driving as neither activity is one I relish, but listening material gives me a good distraction, lifts my mood, and it’s a great opportunity for personal growth study. 

Find your way to get a little exercise.  Start with what works for you, what fits your body and lifestyle.  Just like we’re not trying to be walking skeletons, we’re not training for competition.  We’re looking for an activity and intensity that we can sustain as part of our lifestyle so we can lose and maintain our goal weight and fitness.  If you need some ideas or accountability, let’s talk.

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