Emotional Eating Focus Week 5


Once we’re focused on a plan that can work for us, get a bit of exercise, deal with our emotional attacks and self-sabotage, what seals the deal?

Your best self.

Who are you when you are at your best? 

How much are you currently living as your best self?
What’s stopping you from doing that more often?  How much is that affecting your goals?

It’s thorny, isn’t it?  We WANT to live as our best, to reach our goals, but there are obstacles, and most of the time, they’re more internal than external.  We try everything to affect the external influences, but internal is the key – being your best. 

I know that when I’m living from my best, I make better choices.  I’m wiser, kinder, more consistent with what I want to do and who I want to be. 

Yes, we struggle with being consistent, often because we do not believe in our best, perhaps out of frustration from wounds or because we’ve failed so many times already.

Honestly, it’s work to stay in our best.  It needs cultivation, and sometimes it needs healing, and if you’re like me, it definitely needs practice as I spent a lot of years not even thinking about living from my best.  It takes time to shift old beliefs, patterns, and choices. 

For example:  Mr. Jones said something to me early on in our marriage:  “Complaining is NOT conversation.”

It’s not?  I was confused – as complaining about something or the other was often the basis of conversation as I grew up.  It took some practice to stop myself, often mid-sentence, and find a different topic.  It took time and effort, yet once I got it, it made the world of difference in how I felt and viewed things.  It began to shift my focus.

On our specific topic, when you are feeling your best, do you make better choices around those foods that call your name?   Would you beat up yourself?  

This takes practice because we’ve done it another way for a long time.  It won’t feel natural, but we know practice slowly makes it feel more natural.

Remembering and connecting with your best, even if you need to polish up some bits – who doesn’t?  Being in touch with your best will strengthen and encourage you at the moment you need it most.   This is one of the times I’d urge you to find a coach or counselor who can help you.  We can’t really see this stuff on our own.  We’re too close to it.

If you’re ready to reconnect consistently with your best self—and reap the weight loss benefits, let’s talk.  [email protected]

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