Emotional Eating Focus Week 6: Make Your Plan

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How did you do?  Did you release those pounds?

I heard from a number of you, and results can vary particularly if you’re off on vacation or have an event.  Some of you have done quite well – congratulations!

While very informal, this kind of group focus serves a purpose as a form of external accountability.  The majority of us need that to do what we say we want to do for ourselves.  We’ll do anything for someone else but for ourselves?  Eh.

It’s not a flaw.  It’s how we’re wired.  To do something for ourselves, we must create a structure of external accountability.  Again, it’s not a flaw any more than our height or hair color.  It’s just us.  I’m only 5’3” tall.  To get things from an upper shelf, I need a chair or ladder – something to help me reach more than my height can.  It’s just how I was fearfully and wonderfully made.  Understand?

How do we do that?  We need either someone or something outside ourselves to help us stay on track.  Knowing someone or some tool is marking our progress when we’ve promised/committed/agreed to do something, we will respond UNLIKE when we just say it to ourselves.  We’ll do it for someone else. 

I likely would not have walked daily for the last 18 years if there hadn’t been a dog involved.  It started when my Golden blew out his second ACL.  Walking three times daily starting with five minutes and working up to an hour was part of his rehab.  After an hour three times a day, one walk seemed easy, and it was good for him, then good for Ellie, and will be very good for Auggie.  I say it’s for them – that gives me some external accountability, so I do it.

When I was losing my weight, I had my coach.  I’ve learned what it takes to maintain my goal weight, but I also have all of you watching.    You wouldn’t listen to me if I were to yo-yo again, would you?  Maintaining my credibility and keeping my job are powerful motivators.  The external accountability helps me do something for myself.  Understand?

What’s your plan to continue your pursuit – or start again if you’ve let it slip?

Let’s talk about it.  I’m doing a combination Facebook Live and Zoom call on Friday, August 4th at 10 a.m. Central time.  Come join me.  If you’d like to join me on Zoom, register here and we can have a conversation.   I’ll be there to share ideas, give you some feedback and support, and answer your questions.   There just might be a very special “Back to School” offer as well.  Join me Friday at Facebook.com/packyourownbag  or register here for Zoom.

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