Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Four


Part of what drives emotional eating is persistent hunger.  It’s hard to manage your feelings when you’re hungry.

All the common nutrition plans work on a caloric deficit whether it’s from lowering fat, protein, carbohydrates, or just the total number of calories.  The reasoning is that the body must burn more than it is taking in.

The diet I used to lose my weight left me starving for part of the day.  I knew it would happen, and I had to figure out how to get through that 4:00 slump in some way – finding something filling but low-calorie enough to get through to dinner.  It did work.  All diets do work while you follow them.  The differentiator is the level of discomfort you feel and can tolerate long enough to reach our goals.

Once I reached my goal, there was the issue of maintenance, and I was struggling.  I had to do something different.  Being tired, hungry, and cranky is not a place to live. 

What I learned is that we are ALL different.  No one diet will work for everyone.  Our chemistry is different, often even in families, so we have to find the nutrition framework that works for our bodies. 

That led me to the Unique Nutrition Blueprint.  I was surprised by what I was to eat as it was so different to what I had been doing.  It worked soooooooo well.  After a week on it, I wasn’t tired, hungry, and Mr. Jones was ecstatic that I was not so cranky.  I also lost two pounds.  I’d never lost two pounds in a week before.

I was so impressed with it that I now give every one of my clients their Unique Nutrition Blueprint.   Imagine following a plan that leaves you feeling satisfied rather than starved, that helps you with better digestion, that can smooth out your moods, that gives you the energy you want and need.

When you’re satisfied, energized, and in a good mood, you will be able to follow the plan more consistently which will get you to your goal more efficiently.  You know what works – without starving. 

Imagine that!
If you need a little help imagining that or want your Unique Nutrition Blueprint, contact me:  [email protected]

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