Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Three: Find Alternatives


Last week, I took you through an exercise that hopefully gave you some insight into why certain foods draw you when you need comfort or stress relief.  There is a reason we are attached to those foods that seem to have an iron grip on us.  The truth is, they did something for us.  We may not understand it or want that to be true, but in some way, that food helped.  It made you feel better.  It soothed something even if only for a moment or two, and we’ll take that in difficult moments.

The problem is:  It’s no longer helping or it’s creating another issue like feeling the effects of those extra bites. 

It’s not logical.  If it were, we would have made different choices a long time ago.  Emotional connections drive themselves, don’t they?   Some connections are easier to overcome than others.  Recognition works for many, and there are those who need more time and effort to disconnect.

Once I realized what I was looking for in going to peanut butter, the drive wasn’t so strong, but I still had to find other ways to soothe myself.  Your needs are really, really important.  They need to be met.  It’s essential to find alternative ways that work for you.

Those alternatives must be easily accessible.  It’s doesn’t help if you can’t get to it easily.  It also must meet the need – or have the potential to meet it.  You’ve done it one way for a long time, so give yourself some time to shift your thinking and grace for when you can’t.   

We have to get “The HANG” of it.

H.  Am I HUNGRY?  If so, you may actually need something to eat.  If you aren’t, however –

A.  What is my ATTRACTION to food right now?  Why am I wanting food?

N.  What do I truly NEED?  We may need a hug or a walk down the hallway.  You may need connection or some unconditional love like we get from our pets.  Perhaps a call to a friend for encouragement will help.  Find what you truly need in this moment.

G.  GO, go get that.  It will soothe you so much more than food ever could.

Your desire for that food is a signal that there is something you need.  Go get THAT.

If you need some help finding that or eliminating emotional eating, contact me here:  [email protected]

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