Eliminate Emotional Eating Step 5: Create a Support System


Making changes is hard.  Making significant changes on our own?  Nearly impossible.  It’s not a flaw, it’s how we’re wired. 

Thinking we can just focus and get on with making big changes with no stumbles is another form of self-sabotage.  Without accountability, we are free to blow off our goals when we’re tempted or we’ve lost drive toward our goals.    It feels like freedom, but it’s also a trap.

Ever feel that inner child jumping up and making herself known?  WHAT?  I can’t have ______?  You’re not the boss of me!   Or the other tactic – but I WANT that.  I’ve been so very good.  Why can’t I have it?

We’ve all been there pushing back against rules, guidelines, parameters,  and suggestions, and that’s when external support can be so very helpful. 

Reminds me of those videos of someone helping free some animal or bird when it’s all wrapped up in a fence or plastic or rope.  They are stuck.  They’re scared.  They don’t understand someone is trying to help them.  They kick or flap, and the kindly person secures them so they can keep working.  Then they set them free.  It’s a great picture.

External support can help us get unstuck from whatever trap we’ve fallen into – AGAIN.  A friend or a coach can calm us when we’re flapping, encourage us when we’re tired, and call us to our best when right now, we’d really rather give into that Twinkie.

If we were able to make big changes on our own, we would have done so by now.  I spent 40 years trying to do it on my own, and it took just a few months with my coach.    Having someone to give support and hold me to what I said a wanted made all the difference.

If you’ve been struggling with your weight or sabotaged by emotional eating, enlist a friend, join a group, or hire a coach to help see you through the tough spots.  If you want to talk it through, or if you’re ready to make those changes, let’s talk:  [email protected]

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