December: Season of Hope

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Many traditions have a holiday in December.  The fascinating thing is that they all carry the message of HOPE.

Buddhism Bodhi Day and Siddartha’s Enlightenment.

Hanukkah’s Festival of Lights

The Winter Solstice when our days begin to get longer again as the earth shifts on its axis.

Yule celebrating the winter solstice and the rebirth of the sun.

Christmas whether spiritual or secular – the birth of Jesus or the rebirth of something hopeful and wonderful when people are more friendly and generous

Kwanzaa celebrating the best of African heritage

Watchnight’s recommitment

The New Year with all its promise

Straight through to Epiphany.

Hope is essential for without it, we quickly lose heart.

I’ve served as a chaplain to those with various spiritual practices and some without any.  Oftentimes the greatest gift I can give them is hope.  Our hearts NEED it.

How hopeful do you feel?  When you think about areas of your life that are challenging, maybe emotional eating and weight loss, or perhaps your sense of your value, or a habit you can’t quite overcome, what would instill hope in you?  What would help you heal your heart?  What would instill a belief in you that yes, this year could indeed be different?

I’m not sure I believed I could lose and maintain my goal weight during those 40 years on a diet.  The truth is that not only did I need to cultivate that hope, I also had to get honest about reality.  I was never going to be able to burn calories like an athlete who is 6 feet tall.  This little body wasn’t made that way.  To overcome emotional eating and the Diet Yo-Yo, I had to be practical, to learn how my body works, give it what it needs – including some limits — and be consistent.  I had to cultivate hope so I could look after my body, mind, and soul to create a more confident, healthy life.  It takes consistent effort, but the rewards are great.

What do you hope for this season?  What can be born within you?  If you mapped out the month for your success – whether that’s weight loss, personal growth, managing holiday/family harmony, offloading baggage,  feeling your worth, healing your heart, or anything else that would enrich you – what would it look like? 

Make it a picture in your mind.  Make it vivid so that it becomes real to you, so you truly know what you want.

Hope is where we begin – a desire, expectation, or goal – and then we must act.  How can you begin to make one part of that happen?  One step forward.  What do you need?

If you want help, book a call with me.  Take that one step forward. 

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