6 Ways to Overcome “I’m Fed Up and Bored with Trying” Part 2

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When we’re working on long-term goals, we sometimes get fed up of the journey, the classic,  “Are we THERE yet?”

No, but we have more tools to help us stay on track.

Where’s your boost?

I’m only five foot 3, so step ladders are essential in my house if I’m going to reach middle and top shelves.  It’s just part of my equipment requirements.  When we’re working on challenging goals, we often need a little boost. 

There are plenty online, but two I’ve utilized are:

The 5-second rule:   Focus on what you want and countdown from five to one and then blast into the task.  Five, four, three, two, one – and go!  Right then.  No waiting.  Just move.  Sometimes we just need a boost to get started.

The one-sock rule:  You may not think you can go to the gym, but can you put on one sock?  Once socks are on, can you put on your other workout gear?  Now you’re dressed, can you get in the car?  Take one step at a time until you’re there on the elliptical or pumping the free weights.

I do this years ago to get me out the door for a walk with my dog, and sometimes Ellie and I still need the boost.  We’d go first thing – or it may not happen.  I can get up and dressed, but there’s a moment before I put her collar on when I sometimes falter – it’s raining, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, does it do any good anyway? It’s a holiday!  The main goal then is to just get out the door.  Next, can I get to the bridge?  Can you get to the horses?  If we keep going, we might see Barley or Shelby and Apollo in the park.   It gets me moving, and although we have the option to turn around at any of the points, we always just keep walking.  Unless there’s lightning or ice, but that’s only sensible.

What other boosts have you used?  Want to share?  Send me a message to share your best tool.


Look after yourself.  You may have been working really hard at it and are simply exhausted.  Give yourself an hour, a day to regenerate.  Look after your body, find something inspiring, and visualize the results you desire.  Reconnect with your “why” and allow it to fill your heart and mind.

Forge Ahead

In the end, nothing happens without effort.  So, get up.  Let’s go.  Clear away distractions or traps, and start again.  All it takes is one good step in the right direction, and you can do that even if you’d rather not.  You have more about you than giving up or you wouldn’t be seeking inspiration.

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