6 Ways to Overcome “I’m Fed Up and Bored with Trying” Part 1

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It’s a theme I keep hearing.  I might have said it myself of late – and it most often occurs when we feel we’re giving our best, but nothing is happening or changing.

We feel really stuck in whatever we’re trying to overcome or do.

–A weight loss client was bored with the whole thought of dieting.  Understandable but returning to her previous ways wouldn’t help.

–A client who is working on healing her heart was frustrated with not yet feeling better but actually a little worse at this point.  It often does just before it gets much better.

–Another client was feeling a bit lost between her comfort zone and who she felt she was meant to be and saying maybe she really wasn’t “enough.”  Breaking through that would be terrific evidence that she is more than enough.

It would be easy to drop everything, retreat into that familiar coping mechanism, or just give up.  How do we stay on track in the midst of change?

Remember what you want, the goal.

In the midst of the struggle, the point can get lost or tarnished or feel too far away. Then come the questions like:   Is it really worth all this?  How much time and money have I spent trying to resolve this issue?  For me, I always WANTED my goal, but the question was whether or not I was willing to do what I must to achieve it.  Focusing on what you want focuses your energy and helps you break through.

Find the leak in your resolve.

What has happened?  Where is the frustration?  Is it temporary?  Do you just need a boost of confidence, purpose, or encouragement?  How can you put one foot in front of the other on this just for today?  What’s the REAL issue right now – we know it’s not that you no longer desire your goal, right?  Handle what has rocked you off center, and refocus on your goal.

Motivation: Consequences or Benefits

This is the point where you choose as everyone is different, but what will work best for you?   Are you motivated by the benefits or by the consequences?

For example, we’ll soldier on because we don’t want the consequences of stopping.


We continue to work because we see the benefits of achieving our goal. 

Which style motivates you?  How can you frame the task before you so that it motivates you?  If you need a little help with that framing, message me.

We’ll do three more next week —

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