We Know WHAT To Do. Doing it? Eh


Broken down those roadblocks yet?
What’s stopping you?

I know, we often know what to do and even how to do it.  Actually doing it though –

Sometimes it’s procrastination or bad timing, but we can be honest and say that sometimes, we just don’t want to go through the hassle.  We want the outcome without the bit in between.

Do you read the last few pages of a book first?  To see if the outcome is worth investing time and money into this story?  I want to leave the ending to surprise, but I’ve read books or watched a number of films that didn’t end right, and I always felt disappointed or cheated if they didn’t actually give me a conclusion.  Did the hero/heroine succeed, get together, complete their quest/caper successfully, survive, or die for a purpose? I want a satisfying ending.

Unfortunately, in weight loss, we have too many incomplete stories and too much history, and like many of you, my history didn’t give me much hope.

And we want hope – in our stories, in our lives, in our careers, and certainly in our weight loss efforts.  We know what it’s like to work hard, often starving a bit to lose some weight for it only to be destroyed after an errant weekend. 

As many of you have said to me, “It takes so long to lose it but only a minute to gain it back.”  Can you hear the follow up?  “So why try?”

We have to believe it’s possible to lose weight and keep it off – and we generally don’t. Not truly.

It’s true – IF we don’t learn from a nutrition plan and make lasting changes to our lifestyles, we will always regain the weight.  That’s how we gained it in the first place, isn’t it?

It helps if you know what works for your body just as it helps if you know your financial health,  plan, and budget.  There’s no pill for that, no magic.  It’s knowing what works and what doesn’t.  That doesn’t mean you never get your favorites.  Instead, you manage them, adjusting your day or week to fit, and then returning to your Unique Nutrition Blueprint lifestyle choices.

There’s no way I could have maintained my goal weight for 11 years had I not found my unique nutrition blueprint AND followed it. 

It is possible to reach your goal and maintain that goal long-term.  Let’s talk about yours.  [email protected]

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