Emotional Eating: Overcoming Roadblocks to Success


What’s yours?

The usual answers are things like not including enough nutrients, dropping calories too low for too long, and physical limitations – as in arthritis, thyroid, hormonal issues, etc.  All can limit our success and ability to follow through with our nutrition and exercise plan. 

Yet each one of us can count off a few more ways roadblocks pop up in front of us – if we’re not creating them, which we sometimes do.  Some are familiar and expected.  We know them well, don’t we? 

Make your list.  What are the common issues, experiences, and situations that throw you off your plan?

Start with holidays and parties.  Add in boredom, loneliness, distraction, stress, and frustration if they fit.  If it’s a stressful day, what specifically tends to set you off?  Is it feeling diminished or undervalued, a cranky boss, too many things on the to-do list?  Be specific.

Note things you struggle with, your triggers.  I have this trio of things that indicate that I’m off in the weeds.  When one of them becomes my topic of thought, I know I’m sinking and better straighten my thoughts quickly.  We all have such things.  Write yours down.  You don’t have to share, so you can be gut-level honest with yourself.

If we never acknowledge them formally, they’ll continue to pop up and we can dismiss them as just something that happened.  However, when we’re consciously aware of them as our particular blocks, we can plan what to do to avoid them or rescue ourselves when we’re deep in them.

Even better, we can address them so their grip on us loses its power.  It always helps to bring things out into the light. Then we can fully see them, evaluate whether or not they’re true or even ours, and decide how to respond.  Roadblocks can be moved when the danger is no longer present.

What’s your roadblock to success?  How do you want to approach it so you can reach your goal?

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