Twelve Things I’ve Learned About Weight Loss, Maintenance, and Emotional Eating Part 2


I’ve been helping others lose weight, overcome emotional eating and other forms of self-sabotage, and heal their hearts for ten years as a coach.  I’ve learned a lot, and last week we talked about the first six things I learned about weight loss and goal maintenance.  Now, on to number:

  • 7. Consistency works every time.  It’s so frustrating – I may gain a pound or two here and there, and if I will JUST make consistently good choices, they go away again.  The NERVE!  It’s frustrating because it takes away ALL my excuses.  That’s not to say we never make adjustments – our bodies are not static, so we may need to adjust some things, but consistently good choices tend to bring results. 
  • 8. Tracking is information.  It’s not a stick to beat ourselves.  I still track now and again because we get creep, and it takes measuring and documenting to see where we’re going wrong.  That go-to dinner I was making?  Turned out to be a diet-buster, and I didn’t know.  It looked right.  Our eyes adjust too easily sometimes.  Tracking to get information helps us be consistent.
  • 9. Never let a 3-pound fluctuation get to five pounds.  If you are consistently weighing a little heavier after 4 days, something is amiss.  Address it that day rather than waiting until Monday.  Losing three isn’t nearly as hard as 5-10 or more. 
  • 10. The most significantly helpful tool for losing weight – letting your heart heal, and that pays dividends.  It’s not just that food holds memories.  It’s a connection to an experience or a relationship that was soothing for us, and therefore we return to that because it works in the moment.  Imagine what your life would be like if you could drop one piece of emotional baggage, that belief that haunts you, that stuff that goes on in your head and drives you to food for comfort.  I’ve asked this question in groups around the world, and I’ve never had anyone say they didn’t want it.  It is possible – not instantaneous, although it can be.  It is healing.  Then when that wound isn’t driving you to food for comfort or stress relief, it’s so much easier to make good choices. 
  • 11. It’s not hard when you want your health more than the cookie.  I had a friend who had a heart attack.  He shifted his routine and food choices immediately.  He no longer wanted what was creating inflammation that led to his arteries clogging.  Don’t wait for that.  When you value your health more, our thoughts shift from “I can’t have this” to “I don’t want this.”
  • 12. Accountability is key.  Many of us struggle with doing something solely for ourselves.  We’ll do anything for someone else, but when it comes to our needs, we easily find ways to abandon them.  External accountability makes the difference.  That’s one of the greatest values of having a coach – our job is to help you think critically so you can make decisions and choices toward your goal.  

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