Heal Your Heart: Beat Yourself Up

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If your friend made mistakes and then beat up on her/himself harshly, what would you say?    

Likely, you’d be like my colleague who caught me in such a moment and challenged me to stop dragging myself through the mud.  It’s a terrible habit and a hard one to break, but you deserve better – as did I. 

When we’ve done something one way for a long time, it’s all too easy to keep doing it that way.  We need practice and a bit of help as we so quickly forget or get discouraged.  I use pictures, sticky notes, or symbols as visible reminders, so I went looking for an image.  I found a little pig in boots, which was just adorable.  The fun thing was, the photo was real rather than created/edited. 

When Cinders was a piglet, she was afraid of mud and would stand aside shivering in fear as her six brothers and sisters ran joyously into the mud on their farm near Thirsk in Yorkshire, England.  So they gave her these cute little boots, and away she went with her siblings.

We get caught up in the mud puddles of our insecurities, flaws, mistakes, and poor habits.   OR we won’t go near what should be part of our lives for fear of

It.  Food is the easy soother, but since it doesn’t last, we go looking for more, which perpetuates our mud puddles.

The harsh words, the beat up, even the mud are just symptoms, pain points resulting from our basic fear, insecurity, or wound.  It doesn’t do anything for us, but we feel like we’re doing something.  Maybe hoping to beat ourselves into submission.  Has that worked?  If you’re like me, it only made it worse.  However, addressing the root cause worked.

So what is your version of boots?   What do you need to free you of the self-torment and sabotage?   Getting what you need is essential to free you up to be your best self, which benefits everyone. 

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