Essentials: PEACE

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Twinkling lights and displays of “Peace on Earth” are everywhere in this season, and maybe we are kinder and more giving to others, which is lovely. 

At the same time, we’re often not so kind and giving to ourselves.  How peaceful is it in your head?

Yeah, and me sometimes.  It’s a challenge to consistently replace all the negative thoughts and feelings for encouraging ones, especially if we don’t quite believe them yet.  Yet, it’s possible and very productive when we do because that cultivates the peace we seek – and heals our hearts.

What would peace and healing in your heart look like?   How would you feel, think, act differently?  

It’s the season of parties, so imagine yourself walking in. Depending on where it is and who you’re with, it might be harder or easier, but if you were at peace with yourself, what would be different?   

Would you feel confident?  Have charisma? Feel at home? How would it look?  How would it feel?  What would you be thinking?  What would you be doing?  See and feel yourself with that kind of peace in your heart.

It’s important to have an image, otherwise it’s like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle with no picture.  It can be done, but it takes longer, and it’s just harder. 

Now – How can you get there?  What would you need to do or change in order to have that level of peace?   

              Is it where you let your mind go when it’s unsupervised?  

              Is it allowing yourself to ruminate too long? 

              Is it relationships or situations that you tolerate? 

              Is it not following through on your goals?  

What would you choose to do or let go of for the promise of being at peace?

We all have thoughts, feelings, and actions that aren’t so helpful.  That’s why we’re stuck.  Start with one and focus on shifting it to a better place.  It takes time, and wholesale change is too hard, but consistently replacing one thought, feeling, or action creates change.  Then you can go for another one.  If you’re like me, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy, but one at a time truly does shift things.  Peace and healing will come.

If you would like to create a plan of action and accountability, contact me. 

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