Essentials: HOPE

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December is Holiday Central, the month when many spiritual traditions celebrate as the days reach their shortest point and lengthen again to bring light and hope back to the earth.  Hope is a common theme in spiritual traditions because we cannot live without it.  When we don’t feel it, we seek it – even if just for a moment. 

Where do you go for hope?

Sometimes a cookie?  Maybe shopping?  Joining a new gym or buying a diet program?  A coach who may help you break through?

I’ve done all of those at times.  The coach helped more than the cookie, just as actually GOING to the gym and making diet lifestyle changes helped more than shopping.  Why? 

We confuse “hope” with “wish.”  Wishing is thinking about losing weight while munching on a cookie.  Wishing is wanting your life to be different but never taking action to make it happen.

As a child, my parents gave my brother and me the “Wishbook” catalogue.  We’d go through and mark what we wanted for Christmas.  Then they’d give us another color marker to narrow it down.  This took significant effort to narrow it down from everything we could possibly wish for to the choices we hoped to see under the tree. 

Hope is an investment of our thoughts and actions in a result – spiritually for the future, emotionally, and practically for the nearer days.  Working with my coach – wait, did you hear that?  Working, taking action to make the mindset changes created a result I couldn’t foresee but desperately needed to heal my heart, which created the life I’d hoped for.  Just as going to the gym and making nutritional lifestyle changes create the physical results or doing what it takes to sort through our hearts heals them. 

Are you wishing?  Or hoping? 

Hope for something requires focus and action.  All the twinkling lights do not put themselves on homes, shops, trees, or displays.  The shopping and cooking require your action.  Our participation is a part of seeking that hope.  It displays our investment in an outcome.

What are you hoping for?  What action are you taking toward that hope?  

If you do nothing, it’s just wishing. 

So what help do you need?  I can help you move further faster toward your goal so you can live the life you hope for.  If you’re ready, send me a message. 

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