Eliminate Emotional Eating Step 6: Get Ready to Grow


When we keep doing what we’re doing, we keep getting the results we’re getting.  When me just being me isn’t working,  maybe I need some adjustments.

Do you ever say, “Oh, I can’t have that”?  Or have you lost weight but still perceive your body as too heavy?  Or feel deprived?

These are part of us just being us – but the facts have changed.  We have to grow into the facts.  I can’t have that becomes I just don’t want that.  Even though we know our clothing size has changed, sometimes it takes catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror when we wonder who that person is to bring it home that we are smaller.  We move from feeling deprived to knowing that making different choices will feel better.

Ever have a moment when you knew it was time to make a big change?  We finally get uncomfortable enough with where we are and do whatever it takes to get out of that.  That usually means growing. 

In 2015, I decided to stop eating sugar, AND I LOVED SUGAR — but it wasn’t until a couple of months later that I realized what it did to me – it makes me mean, it’s depressing, and it gives me really low valleys.  It’s like the worst PMS.  Not pleasant.  I didn’t know that before I learned it.  You bet it influences my decisions.

That got me thinking – what else have I done all my life that isn’t helpful? That was a bonus!

Be ready to grow.  It is challenging, and it’s uncomfortable as you work your way through it.  May be another time when having someone to walk through it with you will be very, very helpful.  Know this:  You’ll love it in the end.

Eliminating Emotional Eating is possible.  It does require some focus and determination – and grace as it’s something to learn, but you can do it!

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