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​​Halloween brings the sugar rush of all those tempting fun-sized bars and packets of sweets or gummies.  It’s probably not the healthiest thing, but that’s not really the point of a celebration.  All Soul’s Day and its Eve are part of culture in various countries – with or without pumpkins, lots of candy, costumes, and scary films. 

The next question:  If you bought more than enough Halloween candy for your little costumed visitors, what will you do with the leftovers?  What do we do with candy your child or grandchild brought home?

Consider Halloween a trial run for the “Food Orgy” that is Thanksgiving to New Year.  The Transform Your Holidays Group will be addressing this, but feel free to play along at home.  The task is to create a plan—and then work that plan.

My grandfather had a thing for a full table.  He’d lived through two world wars and the depression before he was 40, and even as a farmer and rancher, he knew food scarcity all too well.  For big family meals or feeding neighbors who came to help him on a livestock working day, he wanted the table full.  He’d prompt my grandmother if he could see space on the tablecloth — there was still space for something more.  Bless him.  Meals were always quite plentiful – as were leftovers.

When it’s one meal, you can manage.  The leftovers create extra days of temptation – don’t they?

It’s essential to create a plan before the event.   Halloween candy is part of our memories, a taste of a simpler time, a connection, what you remember as wonderful flavor.

Step 1:  If you’re going to have it, stop long enough to taste it – unless you don’t want to know the answer.  I remember tasting a few of my childhood favorites and being severely disappointed.  Is it our tastebuds changing/maturing?  Has the quality changed?  Maybe both, but stop long enough to savor the flavors and see if you still like them.  It may free you from that feeling of “missing out.”

Step 2:  DECIDE what you will do with the leftovers – freezer anyone?  Gifting it to someone?  Just getting it out of your house?

Whatever the plan, follow it. You will feel better by skipping the gooey-guilt center.

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