Emotional Eating: Decision Fatigue 2


Personal rules can reduce the number of decisions you must make each day, which reduces decision fatigue, which helps you stay on track.  Start with identifying what creates a stumbling block for you.   We talked about some last week, and I’ve drawn a few more from your comments.

Soda and Other Less Helpful Foods:  We all have our go-to comfort foods or things we’ve just made a habit.  Letting go of them altogether can be very challenging.  I wanted to get away from aspartame, and having been a Diet Coke fiend for much of my adult life, I knew it would take some effort. 

My rule:  Limit access.  For me, that means I only have soda on airplanes.  The idea is to find a situation that isn’t a weekly occurrence but more than 4 times a year that will allow you to have a taste now and again but not so much that it kicks up your cravings for it.  Find your balance.

Vacation/Holidays:  It’s a vacation or a holiday, so we tend to relax all our rules.   Make a plan before you leave.  Either choose to stick to your lifestyle change or plan for how you’ll recover when you return.  Either works, but it’s always harder to get back on track, so have a plan for that.

My rule:  As far as I can control it, I stick to my plan but make allowances for a meal or two if they are distinctly local fare or celebratory. 

It’s an Hour until Next Meal – and I’m Starving:  Sometimes your previous meal didn’t quite do it for you.  Now you are stuck between meals, and you don’t want to blow the day, but you’re starving!

My rule:  This one has two parts.  First, distract yourself, have a large glass of water, OR before you go near the kitchen, vending machine, or store, decide what would be your best option.  Then only choose that.  No counter or cupboard surfing.  Make the choice and stick with it.  When we’re hungry, we can be really vulnerable, and we can be easily swayed by whatever is available first.  Choose before you go.

Second:  Evaluate that previous meal.   What went wrong?  What can you do next time to make it work for you?

While you’re evaluating, evaluate where your likely stumbling blocks are – what throws you off or goes wrong in your day?  What’s your go-to choice in a sticky situation?  Think through your options and make it your rule.  When you make a plan for managing the challenges, you are making a plan for your long-term success.

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