Hit It Hard as a Strategy

video version “Hit it hard” is the mantra in January and particularly in the first two weeks as so many depend on willpower to set …

Make Resolutions or Resolve the Issue

Video Version How many of your past resolutions have been about your weight or fitness? How many did you keep? I had 40 years of …

Track or Feast: Eat Consciously rather than Emotionally

see video version Are you ready for Christmas?  It’s the EVE tomorrow and the DAY the next, and of course all the holidays are a …

Friend or Frenemy?

 see video version here  Like many of you, I’ve said:    Food is my friend. Or Maybe: “But but but, food IS the holiday.  It’s …

Unpack Those Bags First

https://youtu.be/SEolZaJfLpU We all have emotional baggage – or there would be no triggers, right?  If we don’t recognize that baggage and its triggers, they continue to …

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