Make That Resolution Work

Video Version Two Groups:  LOVE resolutions DESPISE resolutions.  Very few fall in the middle.  It’s logical – something that annually presents us with almost certain …


Essentials: LOVE

See Video Version “And the Soul Felt Its Worth” It’s a line from my favorite Christmas carol, O Holy Night.  A number of years ago, …


Essentials: JOY

See Video Version My neighbors have two large wooden ornaments in their front lawn, each painted with the word “JOY.”  Makes me smile every time …


Essentials: PEACE

See Video Version Twinkling lights and displays of “Peace on Earth” are everywhere in this season, and maybe we are kinder and more giving to …


Essentials: HOPE

See Video Version December is Holiday Central, the month when many spiritual traditions celebrate as the days reach their shortest point and lengthen again to …

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