Eliminate Emotional Eating Step 5: Create a Support System

Video Making changes is hard.  Making significant changes on our own?  Nearly impossible.  It’s not a flaw, it’s how we’re wired.  Thinking we can just ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Four

Video Part of what drives emotional eating is persistent hunger.  It’s hard to manage your feelings when you’re hungry. All the common nutrition plans work ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Three: Find Alternatives

Video Last week, I took you through an exercise that hopefully gave you some insight into why certain foods draw you when you need comfort ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Two

Video Step Two: Find What Drives You to Food for Comfort or Stress Relief You know the food or foods, don’t you?  IT CALLS YOUR ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating: Step by Step

video Eliminating emotional eating is not instantaneous.  It will not help you lose 20 pounds by the weekend.  It takes practice.  You’ve been soothing yourself ...

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