Lose Weight Faster — WITHOUT Starving

See Video Version Anyone can shed weight faster without starving. What? You do not have to starve yourself to shed weight.  In fact, if you …


Halloween: Is it A Trick or A Treat?

see video version If you’re reading this when it comes out, Halloween is on deck.  So much candy around whether or not you have children …


Healthy, Sustainable Changes — oh, Yeah?

see video version Choosing something different yet?  Yes, it’s uncomfortable because it’s unfamiliar and not what you’ve done in the past.  It’ll be a bit …


Emotional Eating Cycle: Let’s Break That Thing

video version If you want to get a group of friends (or FB Group) going, throw in the weight loss card. Everyone has an idea …


Nine Year “Trimaversary,” AND YOU can do it, too!

See Video Version I’m celebrating my “trimaversary” this week – 9 years consistently at my goal weight.  After 40 years of the Diet Yo-Yo , …

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