Nine Year “Trimaversary,” AND YOU can do it, too!

See Video Version I’m celebrating my “trimaversary” this week – 9 years consistently at my goal weight.  After 40 years of the Diet Yo-Yo , …


Emotional Eating Trap: Stuff Your Feelings

See Video Version When do we eat for emotional reasons?  Stress ranks high on the list, but also when we feel sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, …


Emotional Eating Traps: I NEED a Treat

See Video Version “I’ve been ‘good’ all day/week.” “I DESERVE this.” “A cheat day keeps your metabolism guessing.” It’s all code for “Food is still …


Emotional Eating Traps: ALL or Nothing

See Video Version Perhaps like me, you’ve said something like this: “Well, I’ve blown my diet today, so I may as well give up and …


Emotional Eating Traps: Depending on Willpower

See video here I can stick to my diet!  I can do it with willpower.  I WILL do it this time! Ever said that?  I did.  …

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