Intuitive Eating: Healing or Self-Sabotage

Video I went bird hunting with my father and brother after my third summer as a camp counselor in college.  I earned my Sharpshooter Bar ...

My “Why” is Big Enough — So Why Am I Stuck?

Video When your why doesn’t motivate you enough, it’s frustrating.  It OUGHT to do it, shouldn’t it?  It’s big enough.  It would have enough impact ...

Instant Solutions NEVER Create Lasting Change

Video Instant Solutions!  More Free Time!  Better Job! Find Your Passion in 30 minutes!  Lose Weight FAST!   60 pounds in 60 days!  “All you need ...

Get Unstuck and Live Your Dreams

Video Your Needs Matter.  Your confidence matters.  Your sense of worth matters.  Your health matters. Believe it? These things we know intellectually, but we get ...

SECRET to Weight Loss and Goal Maintenance

See Video What is really stopping you from reaching and maintaining your goal? We’re all different, but there is a common thread for many who ...

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