Make Weight Loss Painless Tip 5

See Video Version Make Weight Loss Painless Part 5:  MANAGE WORD CHOICES I’ve been good!!!!  Ever say that when you’ve made good choices on your …


Painless Weight Loss Tip 4

See Video Version How’s it going?  Are you successfully breaking down some of the choices, habits, and thoughts that keep making weight loss painful?  If …


Painless Weight Loss Tip 3

See Video Version A client sent me her box of the pills that were supposed to make her fat melt away.  The only thing they …

comfort eating

Painless Weight Loss Tip 2

See Video Version Painless Weight Loss Part 2 Can it truly be painless?  If you’ve read my material or heard me speak, you’ll know I …

comfort eating

Second Fondest Dream

See Video Version The fondest dream of a woman may be to be able to eat anything and everything without gaining an ounce, but right …

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