Seriously, It’s NOT the Diet

A recently released Harvard study shows the diet itself isn’t the issue — but we knew that. The study, DIETFITS, studied 609 heavy but healthy people for a year.  They assigned them to low-carb or low-fat, but their purpose was not to pit one plan against the other.  It was designed to find which nutritional … Read more

THAT Kryptonite food or behavior–THAT one. 

It’s the thing that almost always creates a fall and requires far too long for recovery.  You’ve likely NO doubt about what it is even if you don’t like to admit it.  Is it food for you?  Or is it a habit or behavior that trips you?  January seems to be the time we try to … Read more

Habits Won’t Change Themselves — DANG IT!

Making a resolution or new goal stick requires changing some habits — by force if necessary.  I know.  Don’t you just hate that?  And I do, and yet, if we want to reach our goals, we have to find a way to hold ourselves to it.  To make a real change, it can’t be a short-term … Read more

Improving Your View Changes Everything

Imagine your favorite scene — maybe mountains, beach, rolling hills, pets, children — whatever calms your soul. For me, it’s the patchwork fields, mountains, and sheep of Wales.  That view tends to make me sigh deeply and feel at peace. However, for a long time when I took a view of myself, well, let’s just … Read more

Magic Bullets slap me every time.  

“Just this one ingredient helped me lose XX pounds!” “This is the holy grail of diet secrets, and ‘THEY’ don’t want you to know about it!” Or one of my favorites:  “Apple Cider Vinegar will make the weight fall right off!” This formula, this pill, this exercise routine, this detox, this ONE thing no one … Read more

Still Keeping Your Resolution?

I know — it’s almost cruel to get on the scale after the holidays, isn’t it?  Never mind, you’ll be on plan and shift the extra soon enough. Right? And what happens if you fall off your resolution?  Will you join the others who quit after one stumble?  Do you also keep driving down the wrong … Read more

Between Christmas and New Year — Plan

Do you make resolutions for the New Year?  I think of them more like goals, which prevents me from giving up at the first stumble.  Making changes is challenging particularly when trying to shift a deeply embedded habit.  Be gentle with yourself and give yourself more opportunities to succeed rather than looking for the first … Read more

It’s Show Time!

Focus on the Joy! December is full of festivals, holidays, and holy days.  So many traditions!  Yet almost all include an element of hope, light, and peace. Whatever your spiritual tradition or none, December is a month of celebrating with family and friends.  We celebrate with food — always — and yet the reason is … Read more

That Voice in My Head

Perhaps you’ve had this experience – you set yourself a goal, determine how you will walk through a situation, and fully intend to make good choices at a party, at a family gathering, or just on the average Thursday.  You start out well, and then you spy or think of something you love to eat.  … Read more

15 Holiday Hacks to manage temptation

How can we stay on track during this feasting season?  Or at least limit the damage? First, remember:  It IS a festive season, but also remember, the food is not what we’re  celebrating.  Whether you’re spiritual, religious, anti, or other, none of the days on the list of holidays is about food.  It is just … Read more

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