Eliminate Emotional Eating Step Two

Video Step Two: Find What Drives You to Food for Comfort or Stress Relief You know the food or foods, don’t you?  IT CALLS YOUR ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating: Step by Step

video Eliminating emotional eating is not instantaneous.  It will not help you lose 20 pounds by the weekend.  It takes practice.  You’ve been soothing yourself ...

Eliminate Emotional Eating

Video Hear that?  It’s barely there.  Let’s put it out of our minds.  Focus on something else.  I have so much to do – no ...

It’s NOT the Diet: Settling for the Set Point

video Many frustrated dieters ask me about the “set point.”  The theory is that you can go up or down, but you will always naturally ...

Diet Magic: It’s NOT the Diet

video The basis of any weight loss is this: Choose a diet, choose some kind of exercise, create some consistency, and rinse and repeat. If ...

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