Summer Learning: The Inner Gremlin

At a recent conference, I was so excited about the opportunities to learn and grow.  The flight delays, luggage issues, even the rental car fiasco had not thrown off my good humor.  I was ready, and nothing was going to derail me.  On that first morning, things were going so well – until they weren’t, … Read more

Summer Learning 2019

My diet was failing.  AGAIN. My New Year’s Resolution for 2012 was to lose weight, and soon it was Memorial Day weekend, and I’d gained.  In previous years, I’d worked hard to back down from my highest weight ever (more than once), but I’d been stuck in this general range for quite a long time.  This wasn’t … Read more

Bottled Up Between You and Success

Freshly laid sod looks so healthy. Until it doesn’t.  My sister-in-law moved into a new house, and her “instant lawn” looked really great. Then soon, one patch wasn’t doing so well. We stood over it talking through all the things she’d tried.  They should have worked.  There was nothing more we could do but start … Read more

Emotional Eating: Emotional Kryptonite

Alongside nutritional goals and creating support for them, we may also need emotional rules. It’s essential to find the emotional component of comfort or stress eating, and that often begins with identifying how we actually perpetuate our “stuff.” Two “Stuff Perpetuating” Habits Creep: We know carb creep, but what about what we say to or … Read more

Emotional Eating: Digging

We know our goal, we know our why, we even have ideas for alternative behaviors and options to change our habits.  If you’re in a groove with this – FANTASTIC!  You’re on your way!  Carry on, and let us know how you’re doing. If you’re struggling a bit, let’s look at what makes it so … Read more


Yes, habit change is a simple process of persistent effort to change my behaviors, but _________________.  How did you fill in that blank? Don’t you just hate having actually to name that? And it may be hard to identify or admit, but it’s an essential element to overcoming emotional eating, to overcome whatever blocks you … Read more

Emotional Eating: Habits and Behaviors

Unless you have that magic wand, habits require an active, persistent, and conscious change in behaviors.  It also requires a desire for and a belief that you can make that change. So, three questions: Do you want it? Do you believe it’s possible to change your go-to choices? Will you stay with the changes until … Read more

Emotional Eating: THAT Food

Yes, THAT one — the one you cannot say no to. Okay, you likely already know what most easily derails you.  It’s that food, habit, or behavior that trips up your best intentions and usually requires far too long for recovery. With foods, we have a few options: If possible, do not bring them into … Read more

Getting the HANG of It

It’s not that we can’t get past our emotional eating — we just need to get the HANG of it. Watch Video (01:18) View this video here: If I can be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact me.  When you’re ready to lose, I can help you win.

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