EVERYTHING ELSE I Can Handle, but Weight Loss? Pfft!

see video version There is so much information out there – all claiming to be the ideal plan, yet if our fingerprints and irises can …


Diet Detours: On-Ramp Straight Ahead

See Video Version This morning I felt something was off, and it had been a little off for days.  My normal schedule has been a …


Diet Detour: #1: Stress

See Video Version We start out well on a plan, and then – we’re off the rails for any of a dozen reasons.   It’s not …


Painless Weight Loss Tips 6 & 7

See Video Version Weight loss need not be as painful as we think – if we’ll adjust our thinking just a little.  It’s a challenge, …


Make Weight Loss Painless Tip 5

See Video Version Make Weight Loss Painless Part 5:  MANAGE WORD CHOICES I’ve been good!!!!  Ever say that when you’ve made good choices on your …

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