Your Comfort Zone is SURROUNDED!

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Comfort Zones are so lovely and – well, comfortable.    They’re wonderful for feeling safe and in control, but we don’t do much growing there.  Yet it’s a challenge to leave because the Comfort Zone is surrounded by the Fear Zone.  How are you at feeling the fear and doing it anyway? 

Yeah, it takes a lot to try to move out, but it’s worth the effort.

The small circle is our comfort zone, and it’s basically surrounded by the Fear Zone.  If we can blast through the fear, things get much better fast.  We hit that learning zone where we’re able to deal with new challenges and acquire new skills, which actually extends our Comfort Zone.  We’ve surpassed that fear and our lives get bigger and a lot more interesting.  As we move through that, we get to the growth zone where we find purpose, live our dreams, and realize our goals and aspirations.  So worth it!

It’s just, well, that fear zone stops us and keeps us small.  We’re in a very comfortable, safe, and controlled world.  But it’s a very small world, and at some point, we begin to wonder – what if?  

Fear keeps us there – even when we suspect there’s the possibility of being more, living our purpose, and having that life we dream about.  We get STUCK. 

My 40-year Diet Yo-Yo was not about the diet or even about a number or size.  It was a symptom of being stuck.  Your symptom may be different, but there’s always a symptom when we are stuck.  Talking with a client yesterday, she said the hard part is making the decision to shift her habits and choices so they help her toward her goal.  She likes her comfort zone – and who doesn’t?  Yet until she breaks through the fear barrier, whether that’s from trauma or the less intense like the fear of missing out, she will remain there. 

Another part is that we just don’t feel like we are “ENOUGH.”  We don’t have what it takes to break through.  We’ve tried before, and our view is that we have plenty of evidence to support what we’ve believed about ourselves.  It’s all there in your mind, driving the behavior bus.

Honestly, that’s usually a lie.  That’s part of the Fear Zone spinning its web – feeding us excuses, questioning our abilities and our confidence.  It’s a lie.

Here’s the truth:  You can break out of that STUCK feeling and then KNOW “I AM ENOUGH.”

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