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Who are you when you are at your best?

Is that a hard question for you?  Either because you stay more connected with your flaws or you’re not inclined to speak too well of yourself out of concern for what others might think?

Here’s the thing:  The answer is essential for your well-being.

I get that many of us struggle with it.  Maybe we do not believe in our best — perhaps for fear of claiming it, or maybe because we’ve failed so many times already.

Yet cultivating your best has no downsides.  Think of it.  When you are at your best, you’re not going to be “proud” or boastful, are you?  When you’re at your best, you are more kind and patient with others.  Your best self thinks of others as well as choosing to give yourself good care.


On our specific topic, when you are feeling your best, do you make better choices around those foods that call your name?   Do you feel quite so driven to over-exercise?  Would you beat yourself up for something you ate?  

I know my best self makes much better choices in everything.  Granted: It may not be who I’ve always been, but in this situation, I think that’s a good thing. 

It’s not just improving my shape or weight – this is about letting go or getting free of the unwanted parts of myself, the parts that don’t help me and certainly don’t serve others.  At All.

Does that resonate with you?

Remembering and connecting with your best, even if you need to polish up some bits – who doesn’t?  Being in touch with your best will strengthen and encourage you at the moment you need it most. 

And it’s okay if you don’t yet believe me.  You’ve probably been beating up on yourself for a long time, so you’re out of practice at remembering your best.  This is one of the times I’d urge you to find a coach or counselor who can help you.  We can’t really see this stuff on our own.  We’re too close to it.

Honestly, the diet, the exercise – all good.  But getting free from emotional eating?  The clincher for me was this part.  I found a colleague who was a coach, and we excavated my best. 

We dug down to find it in under all the woulda, coulda, shouldas, all the packages I’d bought the magic potions or diet, and plenty of shame and guilt.  We took out the pieces, tossing aside the behaviors, beliefs, and habits that didn’t help me and cleaning up the ones that did.

I could stand up, shake off the dust of good intentions and past efforts and packages, and I began to see my best for what it is.  

I was free.

You can get free as well.  It’s not magic, but it is a challenge. 

Imagine not questioning your value, of having the certainty to make different choices, or the feeling of knowing what to do when some need hits you.  Imagine riding your plan all the way to your goal.

And Imagine how wonderful it would feel to be free. 

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